Target and Toms Collaboration

Sorry folks, no TRF again this week. It’s just been busy and I really haven’t been buying anything. Let’s cross our fingers for next week.

I do have for you, however, a new Target collaboration, Target and Toms. Seriously, my love for Target is growing with each passing collaboration.


Building on Toms’ slogan, One for One, the collaboration will continue to give items to people in need for each item of clothing or pair or shoes or home décor it sells.


But don’t worry, if you buy a phone case, they don’t give a phone case to someone in need. Each item for sale clearly identifies what is given in turn: one week of meals, one blanket or one pair of shoes.


And the collection is very reasonably priced with items starting at $10 up to $48.


This collection will be for sale in Targets across Canada on Nov 16, 2014.

What items are on your wishlist? Happy Shopping!

6 thoughts on “Target and Toms Collaboration

  1. So glad they are expanding the lines they carry here in Canada! I love the ladies hat, poncho, and almost the entire kids collection. Can’t wait to check it out in person!

  2. I was so excited when I saw TOMS being sold at Target! I’ve been wanting a pair for so long and now there is somewhere easy for me to go 🙂

    xx Amber

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