Upcoming Event with Totally Fit Mom!

I have my first style workshop coming up in February hosted by Totally Fit Mom! It’s called Find Your (Post-Baby) Style and it’s all about dressing yourself now that you are a mom.

I found it difficult to figure out how to dress a post-pregnancy body, even after I’d lost most of the baby weight. My figure was definitely different. And on maternity leave benefits, I wasn’t exactly able to run out and replace my wardrobe.

Also, I felt different. I felt like alot of the clothes I had worn previous to pregnancy were from a different life (not to mention, two years ago). I was a mom now and I felt my clothing and style needed to reflect that while still looking like me.

I’m pretty excited to cover this topic in the class and also touch on how to weed out clothing (that you hate or doesn’t fit), staying in your budget and how to deal with trends.

If this sounds like something for you, head over to Totally Fit Mom! and register for my workshop and check out the six other workshops with topics ranging from building “Mommy muscles” to correct bra fitting, they should be lots of fun. Also, Cindy from TFM! is giving away a $50 Sephora gift card. Just register for a class before Jan 1 and you will be entered in the draw!

Is there anything I’m missing from my class that I should include? What your biggest shopping/style challenge? Happy Shopping!