Sophia Webster shoes

When I got married (almost) four years ago, we were in a huge black/white/beige rut for fashion. Colour was just not available. Except for red. And I think you only have to look at my website theme to figure out that I’m a pink person, not a red person. I scoured websites and stores, bugged my friends who worked in footwear, did everything I could think of to land myself the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding. Alas, it was all to no avail. I ended up getting married in a boring, though nice, pair of strappy white platform wedges from Fergalicious.

Anyways, I wish that I had known about Sophia Webster then. So, I don’t want you to miss out. Here are some shoes I wish I could’ve worn at my wedding:

SWangelgold SWangelgoldflats SWaztec SWblackswirl SWflamingo SWpinkfur

While I’ve linked these images back to the Sophia Webster US site, some styles are also available at Hudson’s Bay site as well.

What did you wear or are planning to wear at your wedding? Happy Shopping!

Affordable wedding dresses

So, spring is just around the corner and I’m sure some of you are busy like bees planning your wedding or helping plan a friend’s wedding. I got married almost three years ago and I remember alternating between loving and hating wedding planning. It was definitely stressful but all worthwhile when I had such a great day!

Now, I’ve chatted about wedding planning before and I suggested the first thing you should do is get your dress, especially if you’ve got a short engagement. But the off-the-rack options are becoming more attractive. Like these dresses from BCBG Max Azria.  Like this $99 H&M option. Wait…. $99?? Right now I’m trying to remember anything that costs only $99 for my wedding and I’m coming up blank. Even the alternations to my $650 dress were more than $99.

Decorations for my wedding – even this was more than $99


Would you wear a $99 dress for your wedding? What’s the lowest or highest amount you would spend on your wedding dress? Or, if you are married, are you happy with what you spent on your gown? Or do you wish you had gone higher or lower? Happy Shopping!

Kleinfeld’s is coming to Canada

I’m sure you’ve all seen Say Yes to the Dress. And Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. And Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids…. you get the idea. Lucky for Canadians, Kleinfeld’s is collaborating with Hudson’s Bay to open their first Toronto Queen Street location this May.

Sadly, this will not be helping any 2014 brides as the store suggests making your appointment nine to 12 months prior to your wedding day. Ouch! Those that had short engagements (including yours truly) need not apply.

For any 2015 and beyond brides who want to make the jaunt to Toronto to purchase the perfect dress, the FAQ suggests bringing no more than three people, several pics of dresses you like and says your appointment will last approx 90 mins.

Head over the under construction website to book your appointment. Happy Shopping!

Remembering wedding planning

My birthday is in a couple of days, which always makes me excited. I love my birthday! It also reminds me of getting engaged as my husband surprised me three years ago on my birthday by asking me to marry him. There was sushi, birthday presents and a surprised engagement party after I said yes.

As I’m sure all brides will tell you, my wedding was lots of hard work but totally amazing. I did most of the planning myself with help from my bridesmaid and family.

My photographer also submitted some of our photos to Wedding Bells magazine and we were featured on the website! See the link here.

Here is my top tips for wedding planning:

1. Get the dress first, especially if you have a short engagement. My engagement was about six months so I had just enough time to order what I wanted from the bridal shop. My friend who had just four months to plan her wedding had to buy off the rack, which means you are limited to the in-store selection.

2. Don’t take too many ppl when picking out your dress. Everyone has an opinion (as I’m sure you’ve seen from Say Yes to the Dress) and you’ll want to please everyone and get frustrated and confused. Also, lots of the stores don’t have tons of room and your group will be squished into a corner.

3. Get the best photographer that you can afford. For us that was the single biggest ticket item besides the venue and the food. My fiancé wanted us to save some money by hiring a novice or family member but looking back now, we are extremely happy with the quality and quantity of the photos we received when hiring a pro. Worth every penny!

4. Delegate someone to deal with details on the day of the wedding. Most of us can’t afford to hire a wedding planner but hiring a pro for the day of the wedding would be a smart way to spend your money. At the very least, delegate a dependable friend for the day. At my wedding, there was a serious problem where the bartenders were worried we were going to run out of alcohol. We were in rural Manitoba in a park, not exactly an LC around the corner. The wedding coordinator made an executive decision to run to the nearest small town (about 10 mins away) and buy more supplies before they closed at 5 pm. And you know the best part? I had no idea there was even a problem until several days later. I was worry-free, which is exactly what you need on that day. Being a bride is crazy enough without worrying about other problems! On a side note, don’t make this person a close family member or a member of the wedding party. Both of those groups have their own responsibilities for the wedding (like pictures) and they want to socialize and enjoy your wedding too.

5. Delegate a groomsman to keep the other groomsmen in line. Your fiancé is probably a little overwhelmed at all the groom duties and sometimes the Best Man is just his favorite drinking buddy. Lucky for me, one of the groomsmen took charge of the suit fittings, bullied another groomsmen who thought it would be ok to wear his gray suit when all the others were wearing black, and was prepared to buy ties for all the guys when there was a problem and we didn’t have a budget to buy new ones.

6. Skip the Save the Date cards. Not one person that I sent a STD card to came to the wedding. Not one.

Any of you currently planning a wedding? Or any married ladies have some tips for brides? Happy Shopping!