Target and Toms Collaboration

Sorry folks, no TRF again this week. It’s just been busy and I really haven’t been buying anything. Let’s cross our fingers for next week.

I do have for you, however, a new Target collaboration, Target and Toms. Seriously, my love for Target is growing with each passing collaboration.


Building on Toms’ slogan, One for One, the collaboration will continue to give items to people in need for each item of clothing or pair or shoes or home décor it sells.


But don’t worry, if you buy a phone case, they don’t give a phone case to someone in need. Each item for sale clearly identifies what is given in turn: one week of meals, one blanket or one pair of shoes.


And the collection is very reasonably priced with items starting at $10 up to $48.


This collection will be for sale in Targets across Canada on Nov 16, 2014.

What items are on your wishlist? Happy Shopping!

Social Responsibility in Corporations

Okay, so I’m going off on a little bit of a tangent with this but so many companies are starting to include social responsibility in their company mission that it seems almost negligent to talk about it. And I also wonder, does it make a difference in the scheme of things or is it just to make the customer feel good when buying something?

Who has Toms? (For those that don’t know, Toms gives away a pair of shoes to needy people in third world countries for every pair purchased – read more about it here). I have two pairs myself and have also bought a pair for my daughter and one as a gift. I have lusted after the sunglasses and thought seriously about purchasing a pair of sandals. And it’s nice to know that through these purchases I have provided 4 pairs of shoes for others (mostly children) in need. But what if they cut the program and the price of Toms became $40 instead of $65 or $70? Would that make a difference on how many pairs I would buy? Would I buy more or less? Would they become less popular or trendy?

What about socially responsible working conditions? American Apparel is a company that prides itself that it’s clothing is made in the USA in sweatshop free conditions. Now, as a consumer, I really like that. On the other hand, I am normally a size 8. Ever tried to buy size 8 at American Apparel? It’s kinda like fitting an elephant into a Lady Gaga costume. Not pretty. I do buy my tights there because they have some of the best tights I’ve found anywhere. (I’m also a big fan of the hipster underwear and the thongs).

 I’d like to think I bought these things because I want to keep corporations and businesses socially responsible and to let them know by voting (with my dollars) that I think their causes are worth supporting. But if I look deep into my soul (which you should never do unless you leave breadcrumbs to help you find your way back), I probably bought it because it was trendy and in my price range….

On that depressing note, I would like to add an aside that while I was writing this, I decided to make social responsibility part of my business. From now on 10% of sales on all services go towards Winnipeg-based charities including: Agape Table, Siloam Mission, Women’s Health Clinic and Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre. Whether that makes a difference in you choosing my business over another’s is up to you but I’m happy to help make a difference in my community.

Happy Shopping!

Spring showers bring spring flowers

Hey party people! I hope it’s thawing and warming up out there for all of you. The weather is getting nicer around here and all that awful white stuff is slowly slipping away down the drains. And you know what that means – Florals! I am a huge fan of this pattern genre and I am looking forward to incorporating them into my outfit each and every day.

Here’s some of my favs.

joepinkfloralblouse joepinkgrnblouse

These two gorgeous blouses are from Joe Fresh


This cute cropped cami is from Dynamite


This floral romper is from Out of the Blue on Osborne


These gorgeous heels are from Aldo


I bought this cute sweatshirt from Urban Planet. Love pairing it with jeans and my leather bomber jacket from Joe Fresh.


These sunglasses from Toms have a pretty daisy motif.



This dress from Club Monaco has an unexpected cutout in the back making it appear as two pieces. Interesting!

What are your favourite floral pieces? Are you already wearing them or keeping them for warmer temps? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – March 14

This week I have written speeches, letters and emails. Writing a blog post is not exactly what I want to be doing right now. Apologies for the lack of written words. Hopefully I can make it up to you with pictures.


1. Bout this Kate and Mel orange cut-out purse this week and got this Town Shoes reusable bag. Hard to say which is going to get more use. I totally love reusable bags.


Weekly manicure: Quo by Orly in Star Formation layered over OPI Black Cherry Chutney. Top coat Seche Vite and base coat Nail Envy by OPI. I’m not thrilled with the Quo by Orly polish as it chips easily. Layering it over the OPI and under the Seche Vite makes it last a little longer.


Got the April issue of Flare in the mail this week and looking forward to reading what’s new for Spring. I love the “Punchy Pastels” tagline that I’ve been reading everywhere. Also pretty pumped that Emilia Clarke is on the cover. Season 4 of Game of Thrones starts on April 6th. Are you as pumped as my husband and I are?


Last week I was cleaning up my office and quickly snapped a pic of all the shoes (and one pair of boots) that I keep under my desk for all sorts of situations. From left to right, back to front: Clarks ankle boots, Franco Sarto round toe black patent heels, Sam & Libby black faux-patent Mary Janes, Clarks peep toe flats, black sparkly Toms and one of my favourite pairs, Nine West cheetah patterned pointy toed princess heels. How many pairs of black shoes is too many? How many pairs of shoes should you keep at work?

How was your week? Hopefully more interesting than mine. Love to hear about it, leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

Trend: Pointed toe ballet flats

Sorry I haven’t posted for 12 days. I had this post all set up and ready to go before my trip to Toronto last week and between packing and the long weekend, I just forgot to press go. And then I had good intentions of posting while I was in Toronto but that didn’t happen either.

So, I am back and had a great time, especially checking out all the new trends coming down the pipe for spring. I’ll be sure to post what I bought soon.

Today I wanted to talk about a huge trend that is starting to pop up everywhere: the pointed toe ballet flat. It’s so cute, I think know I want several pairs.


This happy yellow pair is from Toms.


This faux croc Chinese Laundry pair is available at Rooster Shoes.


I love the Material Girl line at Hudson’s Bay. Here she does a cute geometric tribal print.


I am a total sucker for Sam and usually pick up a pair of his sandals every summer. Hopefully this gorgeous shoe will come in some colours.


Club Monaco just started doing shoes in the past couple of years and while I haven’t been in love with any yet, these white ones are definitely in the right direction for me.


I love this yellow pair from Vince Camuto, also available at Hudson’s Bay.

Which pair(s) do you like? Or is there a completely different pair that you have your eye on? Leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!