I’m Back and Where I’ve Been Pt 4: Miscellaneous Edition

Hey folks! Here’s the last edition of “I’m Back and Where I’ve Been.” Wow, I knew I was busy this summer but when you break it down like this, I did a lot of stuff. Anyways, onto the pictures.

My friend Amy and I have become race buddies. We started this last year when we did Foam Fest as a group and then her friend flaked on her four days before Dirty Donkey and she begged me to do the race with no training other than regular bootcamps (I hurt so bad the next day). This year, we did Foam Fest, which is a 5K fun run. If you want to start getting into doing fun runs and obstacle courses, this is the one to start with. There are families and kids doing this run. It’s not competitive. It’s got bouncy-castle-type-things to jump on and slide on and lots and lots of foam. I highly recommend it and I’m planning on taking Daughter when she’s old enough.

View Photo: http://www.zoomphoto.ca/viewphoto/19814-110-27079860/1/
View Photo: http://www.zoomphoto.ca/viewphoto/19814-110-27079860/1/

And then we did Spartan. It’s a 5K, 22 obstacle course. When I told people we were doing this race, the number one response was, “Why?” Honestly, I had no answer. Because we’re crazy? Because Amy made me?

It was hard. It was competitive. It was kick-ass!!


img_1152 img_1184

We are so doing it again next year. (This reminds me that I should start training for the rope…. ugh).


One of the many, many bruises I had after the race. I wore them like badges of honour.

After I was done with races that kicked my ass, we took an extra long weekend and did some touring around Manitoba. We’ve done this the last couple of years: rent a room for two nights at the South Beach Casino and Resort in Scanterbury on the east side of Lake Winnipeg and do a tour of the beaches in the area. It started when Daughter was little and we had one disastrous camping trip so we rented a hotel room. And now we really like doing it. If it rains, we spend time at the pool. If not, we head to the beach.

At the pool
At the pool
Patricia Beach
Windy day at Patricia Beach

We build sandcastle and picnic and chase after seagulls. I definitely look forward to it every year.

And the rest are just some miscellaneous pictures that I took over the summer. I hope you enjoyed reading about my summer as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. Happy Shopping!

Out for drinks
Margaritaville Magic!
Riding bike while mommy runs
Ice cream with cousins on unbearably hot day
Toddler tea snobs
Ice cream on Corydon

Totally Random Friday – Sept 4: Things we did in Winnipeg/Manitoba Round-up

Hard to believe it’s September already! Where did the time go? Instead of doing a regular TRF today, I thought I’d do a round up of all the activities we did around Winnipeg/Manitoba this summer. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice some of these are repeats.

Dirty Donkey:


Cally and I commuted on the Water Bus one day:

We spend a few days at South Beach hotel and Grand Beach:  

And a few days in Lac du Bonnet area: 

And spent time at Grandma Dee’s camper, both with and without cousins: 

Even though summer went by too fast, we have lots of great memories. How was your summer? Happy Shopping!

South Beach Casino and Resort Review

IMG_4450.JPGLast month was my third wedding anniversary and my husband and I always like to try new things on our anniversary. Our first anniversary, we went to 529 Wellington but last year I think we just went to a movie, nothing exciting. So this year we decided to visit the South Beach Casino and Resort on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Reserve on Hwy 59.

They have a great weekday room rate of $77 per night and we had heard great things about their Thursday Night Seafood Buffet. So then it was easy to pick which night we were gonna go. Thursday, it is!

So, the hotel is about an hour from Winnipeg and by the time we got ready after work and left, we didn’t arrive until about 8:30 and we were starving. We quickly checked into our hotel room, which was spacious and clean, and headed down to the restaurant for some food.


Now, I’m not sure what we were expecting but the place was packed! We eat dinner between 6 and 7 pm so eating at 8:30 is extremely foreign to us. The restaurant is split into two sections, one for people with children and another, adults-only section, which looks out onto the casino. Lucky for us, the groups of six and seven in front of us both had children with them so we were seated within 10 mins in the adults-only section.

We didn’t even bother looking at the menu, just headed for the buffet. It spanned one wall and included a salad bar, with a cold shrimp appetizer-type dish, mussels in a cream sauce, pollock fillets, bacon wrapped scallops, tuna tartare, scalloped potatoes, rice, shrimp stir-fry and several different types of cakes and a sundae bar. One sign advertised stuffed crab legs but I didn’t see any. So Doug and I filled up our plates and came back to the table where a lovely waitress took our drink orders (margarita for me and a coke for Doug). Our drinks came fairly quickly and then she brought a plate with 3 half crabs including legs and two lobster tails. When Doug asked if I had ordered this, the waitress stated that it was included in the buffet. She also brought some butter and placed it over a candle to keep it warm – fancy! To say we ate until we were stuffed was an understatement. I must’ve eaten two dozen bacon wrapped scallops by myself. Doug wasn’t crazy about the crab (he’d never had it before) so I munched on that while he happily devoured the lobster tails. Overall and food and drink was delicious. Two thumbs up!

So, you’ll have to check out pics of the restaurant here cuz I was so hungry I forgot to take pics of the food or the restaurant or my drink, nothing. Just didn’t even think of it until there were shrimp tails and broken crabs legs left. And I didn’t think you would appreciate a picture of that. Lol.

Then we decided to check out the casino. Neither of us gamble although I’ve been to Club Regent Casino many years ago so I kinda knew what to expect (I’ve also been to Vegas but I didn’t expect it to be like that). We wandered around for a bit and had a drink in the lounge. Both of our drinks (Doug had a caesar and I had another margarita) were too salty (so salty, it was gross) and when we (politely) complained to our waitress, she said she would look into it and came back two minutes later and let us know we didn’t have to pay for the drinks. She was really polite and friendly the whole time and even though we hadn’t enjoyed our drinks, it still left us with a great impression of the place.

IMG_4455.JPG IMG_4456.JPG

Not knowing that we should bring cash to this place (seems like a big DUH, but I somehow was under the impression we put money on a card, like debit) we only had $10 between us. So we signed up for the loyalty card and got two $5 bills and were off to play the slots! lol.

IMG_4459.JPG IMG_4460.JPG

So, we didn’t win the jackpot but the money lasted for about 35 minutes of entertainment and when was the last time you paid $10 for a couple to be entertained at anything? Even though the restaurant had been packed, the casino didn’t feel full. It is huge though [the website says 40,000+ sq ft, almost as big as a football field], and it didn’t feel empty either which means there must’ve been quite a few people there.

We looked at the pool but didn’t get a chance to go in, which Doug was really bummed about.

We ate the breakfast buffet the next morning and it was also good.

Overall, it was a great experience. We enjoyed the food, the hotel room and the service. Every employee was friendly and polite and ranged in age from teens/early 20s to our breakfast waiter who looked like a grandpa.

It was also a very reasonably priced place. The seafood buffet was $20 per adult plus alcoholic drinks and the breakfast buffet was $11 each and included tea and coffee. I also want to mention that when we were headed home, we went across the highway to Wavers to get gas and we also received excellent service.

Doug and I do plan to go back and would probably take our daughter next time. The hotel is less than 30 minutes from Grand Beach and would be a great place to stay for a couple of days and not have to drive back to the city after playing at the beach all day. I really can’t tell you enough what a great time we had. If you are looking for some place to stay near Lake Winnipeg, I highly recommend the South Beach Casino and Resort.

Any summer plans left to check off your list? Happy Shopping!