Fashion Friday – Oct 16th

Hey folks, can you believe the weather? What a gorgeous week in October! At this rate, we will definitely still be snow free by Halloween, which is always my cut-off for calling it a beautiful fall.

I definitely took advantage of this fair weather with my Fashion Friday post although the wind blew my hair and blazer all over the place, as you can see! I’m also very pleased that this week’s post includes three items bought at locally-owned stores. As I get older, supporting entrepreneurs and shopping local has become more and more important to me. I also love showcasing the amazing shopping we have right here in Winnipeg.

IMG_7635 IMG_7637

IMG_7656IMG_7688 IMG_7700 IMG_7670

Blazer: Louise Bourgeois Black Label from The Style Bar

Blouse: Saie from The Style Bar

Jeans: Henry and Belle from October Boutique

Boots: Clarks

Necklace: Chapters (no longer available)

As you can see from the last few Fashion Friday posts, I mix and match items in my closet to come up with new combinations. I feel one great new piece can change up your wardrobe so you don’t need to buy a whole new closet each season. That’s how I feel about the blouse from The Style Bar. I love the muted floral pattern in neutral colours and the back is so fun with it’s peek-a-boo opening and large bow. It’s my favourite shirt for this season!

As my public service announcement, I urge you to get out and vote on Monday. So many people (especially young people) don’t vote and it is so important for everyone to exercise their democratic right to pick the government that leads our great nation. If you feel you don’t know who to vote for, educate yourself. Head over to Elections Canada and input your postal code. The website will tell you which candidates are running in your area. Google them and the leaders of the parties and see which platform aligns with your views on how you would like to see Canada progress as a country. Then, on Oct 19th, mark an ‘X’ next to your choice on the ballot. I promise, it feels pretty great!

Happy Shopping!

Fashion Friday – Sept 18

Another week has flown by and while I’ve been busy planning my daughter’s third birthday party, I did manage to coerce my lovely friend, Sarah, into taking more photos for another edition of Fashion Friday. So with no further ado….





Blazer: Hush/Shout (in 2011)

Jeans: Henry and Belle from October Boutique

T-shirt: Joe Fresh

Tank: Ricki’s

Scarf: Plato’s Closet

Shoes: Nine West

Brooch: Had it for so long I can’t remember 🙂

Apparently I’m in a scarf phase, I’ve been wearing one almost every day and I find it an easy way to add some colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. What have you make your staple for this fall? Happy Shopping!

Fashion Friday – Sept 11

Thanks to my lovely friend Sarah, I have today’s fall outfit to show you. IMG_7068 IMG_7069IMG_7060IMG_7051 IMG_7035 IMG_7037 IMG_7042 IMG_7026

Blazer: Pink Stitch from October Boutique

Jeans: Henry and Belle from October Boutique

T-shirt: Joe Fresh

Scarf: Vinyasa Scarf from Lululemon

Shoes: Nine West

Earrings: Boes Ltd

What’s your favourite fall trend? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – July 24th

Hey folks! It’s been longer than I care to admit since I’ve posted a TRF, so let’s get right into it.

This summer has been lovely weather and we’ve been out enjoying it:

At the playground at the Fort Rouge Spray Pad


The Fort Rouge spray pad


At the Earl Grey Community Centre wading pool


At Auntie’s house


At the Corydon Community Centre splash pad


Did I mention they are free? For a full list of splash pads and wading pools, see the City of Winnipeg site here.

We also went out to Edmonton last weekend and visited Rebekah and her family.

I’ve been styling some new outfits:



Pants: H&M; white tank: Gap; and denim jacket with Birkenstocks (both so old I don’t remember where I bought them)


My new hat from Urban Waves in Osborne Village


Yellow dress: Out of the Blue; jacket: Hush in Osborne Village


And my wonderfully ugly Adidas jacket from Platos Closet

And ran in the 5K Foam Fest with my hubby and some friends:

I start summer vacation tomorrow and it can not come fast enough. Looking forward to two weeks of visiting family, playing in the pool in the front yard, going to the beach and generally just not going to work.

How’s your summer going? Happy Shopping!

Shop Local Saturdays – Itty Bitty Baby

Who doesn’t like to buy baby gifts? I mean, sleepers, blankets, booties… all in tiny sizes. So cute! And even better when you know your purchase has supported local business that both makes and sells the items you bought!

This Itty Bitty Baby sleeper and hat was the perfect outfit to introduce my daughter to the world!
This Itty Bitty Baby sleeper and hat was the perfect outfit to introduce my daughter to the world!


While my daughter was small (she was never tiny, she wore newborn size for 10 days and was in 6 – 9 mo clothing by the time she was 4 months old), I found Itty Bitty Baby. They are a Winnipeg-based company that specializes in clothing for preemies and NICU babies but makes sizes up to 24 mo.

I loved this print so much I bought it in a bigger size!
I loved this print so much I bought it in a bigger size!


What I loved about this brand was the fabric was pre-shrunk before the clothing was made so you knew the size you bought in the store was the size it was going to be for the life of the item. They also labeled the clothing items not just with the month sizing but with the poundage sizing, which tends to be a much more accurate way to buy clothing that will fit babies.

And I purchased this purple floral set for a friend!
And I purchased this purple floral set for a friend!
Thanks to Rebekah from Lipstick and Lullabies for letting me use this pic of her gorgeous babe!


Like I said, Cally was a big baby from the time she was born but she wore their 24 month clothing until she was about 18 months, when in other brands she was wearing 2 or 3T. The sleepers aren’t cheap (as far as sleepers go), ranging in the $18 – 25 range each but worth every penny. They washed well and she wore them again and again. The products from Itty Bitty Baby are some of the few things I have kept, just in case we have another baby girl.

Bought several of these hats for every occasion
Bought several of these hats for every occasion
And these bibs in several colours
And these bibs in several colours to match any outfit










And clothing isn’t the only baby items they have. I love the double-layered cotton blanket (I bought in both pink and blue!), the baby toques, scratch mitts, and bibs. And they also have nursing pillows and car-seat covers, which I haven’t tried but look amazing.

This basic onesie washed amazing and was worn over and over and over until it was out-grown


While they don’t have many retailers here in Winnipeg, their factory is here and they have a factory outlet attached. According to their Facebook page, you must make an appointment to visit the factory outlet. If you would like to go and check it out but are too shy to make an appointment, let me know as I will be going sometime soon and we can coordinate.

So cranky on her first birthday in her Itty Bitty Baby shirt and pant set. Love this outfit!

Update: I just checked as  the Facebook page suggests and they have tons of stuff for similar prices to the factory outlet. Feel free to browse the cuteness here.
Happy Shopping!

Shop Local Saturdays – The Style Bar

Welcome to my new series, Shop Local Saturdays. From now until Christmas, I plan on doing a weekly feature on local businesses. My goal this Christmas is to shop local whenever I can. So far, it hasn’t been going so great but I’m only half done shopping so I got some time to work on it.

Today, I want to talk about one of my new favourite stores for clothing for myself and my husband: The Style Bar.

Check out the line of denim she carries for women: Celebrity Pink. They come in several fab colours.
Check out the line of denim she carries for women: Celebrity Pink. They come in several fab colours. And fleece-lined tights are perfect for wearing skirts during Winnipeg winters. On super cold days, I even layer mine under my pants.


Regan (pronounced Ray-gan, like the president), who owns the store, is lovely. She always has a smile whenever I stop by and we talk about new trends in Winnipeg and she shows me what new items have come in.

photo 1
This basic black pencil skirt has pleather panels down either side updating the style for 2014.


She carries a lot of great clothing for men and women that are trendy and very transitionable: wear them to the office and then out for dinner or drinks. And all women’s items in store are under $100. Affordable, trendy and durable clothing – can you tell why I love this store so much?!

My husband has a pair of this line of denim for men - now he won't wear anything else!
My husband has a pair from this line of denim for men – now he won’t wear anything else!


My new favourite item that I recently purchased from there is this sweater:


I’ve already worn it a few dozen times since I purchased it at the end of September. It is so versatile and soft, I just love it.

photo 3
These sweaters will keep your guy (and you!) cozy all winter


I also love that she carries some local brands including Lenard Taylor and Oak + Oar.

photo 2

The Style Bar is located in Osborne Village on River Ave, in the old Kustom Kulture location. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. A big thanks to Regan for sending the photos of her shop so I could include them in this post. Happy Shopping!