Sophia Webster shoes

When I got married (almost) four years ago, we were in a huge black/white/beige rut for fashion. Colour was just not available. Except for red. And I think you only have to look at my website theme to figure out that I’m a pink person, not a red person. I scoured websites and stores, bugged my friends who worked in footwear, did everything I could think of to land myself the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding. Alas, it was all to no avail. I ended up getting married in a boring, though nice, pair of strappy white platform wedges from Fergalicious.

Anyways, I wish that I had known about Sophia Webster then. So, I don’t want you to miss out. Here are some shoes I wish I could’ve worn at my wedding:

SWangelgold SWangelgoldflats SWaztec SWblackswirl SWflamingo SWpinkfur

While I’ve linked these images back to the Sophia Webster US site, some styles are also available at Hudson’s Bay site as well.

What did you wear or are planning to wear at your wedding? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – July 25th

Hi my pretties! Apologies for the lack of posts last week but I was on holidays with my family. We had a great time, first camping at Falcon Lake Beach and then at a friend’s cabin in Clear Lake.

First of is a brand that needs no introduction: Louboutin. Interestingly enough they are looking at breaking into the beauty market and creating much hype around their new red nail polish. (Picture from Temptalia)

louboutinpolishWow, looking forward to seeing reviews and other makeup products that are sure to be released along with it. At the $50 price point, I won’t be picking up this polish but I know someone else who is super excited about it (you should also check our her homage manicure, it’s pretty amazing).

Little Burgundy is having a massive shoe sale, up to 60% off. Here are the two I’ve been eyeing.


Ciate has released a line of coloured mascaras called Lashlights which look amazing. They are at Sephora for $21 each.


So, if I had a fairy godmother or a genie, one of my wishes would probably be a lifetime supply of Fluevog shoes. I mean, do you blame me?


And lastly but not least(ly?) don’t forget to head over to NailPolishCanada and enter their 200 polishes giveaway. Extra entries on my blog here.

Happy Shopping!

Spring showers bring spring flowers

Hey party people! I hope it’s thawing and warming up out there for all of you. The weather is getting nicer around here and all that awful white stuff is slowly slipping away down the drains. And you know what that means – Florals! I am a huge fan of this pattern genre and I am looking forward to incorporating them into my outfit each and every day.

Here’s some of my favs.

joepinkfloralblouse joepinkgrnblouse

These two gorgeous blouses are from Joe Fresh


This cute cropped cami is from Dynamite


This floral romper is from Out of the Blue on Osborne


These gorgeous heels are from Aldo


I bought this cute sweatshirt from Urban Planet. Love pairing it with jeans and my leather bomber jacket from Joe Fresh.


These sunglasses from Toms have a pretty daisy motif.



This dress from Club Monaco has an unexpected cutout in the back making it appear as two pieces. Interesting!

What are your favourite floral pieces? Are you already wearing them or keeping them for warmer temps? Happy Shopping!

Keds and Kate Spade

I love collaborations. As I type this I’m wearing one of Sarah Stevenson’s pieces for Target. And Prom Queen blush from the Veronica and Betty collection that MAC did a couple of seasons ago.


Here is a sample of my favourite shoes from the newly released Keds and Kate Spade collection exclusively at Town Shoes. Enjoy!

tealkedsKS polkadotskedsKS pinkkedsKSlemonkedsKS

Which one is your favourite? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – March 14

This week I have written speeches, letters and emails. Writing a blog post is not exactly what I want to be doing right now. Apologies for the lack of written words. Hopefully I can make it up to you with pictures.


1. Bout this Kate and Mel orange cut-out purse this week and got this Town Shoes reusable bag. Hard to say which is going to get more use. I totally love reusable bags.


Weekly manicure: Quo by Orly in Star Formation layered over OPI Black Cherry Chutney. Top coat Seche Vite and base coat Nail Envy by OPI. I’m not thrilled with the Quo by Orly polish as it chips easily. Layering it over the OPI and under the Seche Vite makes it last a little longer.


Got the April issue of Flare in the mail this week and looking forward to reading what’s new for Spring. I love the “Punchy Pastels” tagline that I’ve been reading everywhere. Also pretty pumped that Emilia Clarke is on the cover. Season 4 of Game of Thrones starts on April 6th. Are you as pumped as my husband and I are?


Last week I was cleaning up my office and quickly snapped a pic of all the shoes (and one pair of boots) that I keep under my desk for all sorts of situations. From left to right, back to front: Clarks ankle boots, Franco Sarto round toe black patent heels, Sam & Libby black faux-patent Mary Janes, Clarks peep toe flats, black sparkly Toms and one of my favourite pairs, Nine West cheetah patterned pointy toed princess heels. How many pairs of black shoes is too many? How many pairs of shoes should you keep at work?

How was your week? Hopefully more interesting than mine. Love to hear about it, leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

Trend: Pointed toe ballet flats

Sorry I haven’t posted for 12 days. I had this post all set up and ready to go before my trip to Toronto last week and between packing and the long weekend, I just forgot to press go. And then I had good intentions of posting while I was in Toronto but that didn’t happen either.

So, I am back and had a great time, especially checking out all the new trends coming down the pipe for spring. I’ll be sure to post what I bought soon.

Today I wanted to talk about a huge trend that is starting to pop up everywhere: the pointed toe ballet flat. It’s so cute, I think know I want several pairs.


This happy yellow pair is from Toms.


This faux croc Chinese Laundry pair is available at Rooster Shoes.


I love the Material Girl line at Hudson’s Bay. Here she does a cute geometric tribal print.


I am a total sucker for Sam and usually pick up a pair of his sandals every summer. Hopefully this gorgeous shoe will come in some colours.


Club Monaco just started doing shoes in the past couple of years and while I haven’t been in love with any yet, these white ones are definitely in the right direction for me.


I love this yellow pair from Vince Camuto, also available at Hudson’s Bay.

Which pair(s) do you like? Or is there a completely different pair that you have your eye on? Leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

Valentine’s Day sweet treats

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are overpriced, chocolates give me hives and the restaurants all are crowded. If it were up to me, the custom would be to send your lover shoes or a great purse.

But since it’s not up to me, here are some sweet treats for you (and I) to drool over on this lovely Hallmark-made-up holiday. Feel free to send this list to your honey so they know what you really want. 😉


I am crazy over these silver ballet flats from Joe. They will be perfect for work, shopping and date nights walking down Corydon.

OOTB cardigan

This darling cardigan lends itself to spring but will keep you toasty warm while the temperatures slowly climb to above zero. Available at Out of the Blue


This cute dress from Artizia also comes in a gorgeous red colour, perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Rejoice leather lovers, leather continues to be hot this season. But bargain hunters need not apply: this gorgeous white leather laser cutout dress from Club Monaco will set you back $995.


I picked up a bib necklace from Paramix last week and caught myself wanting more than one including this Peter Pan collar and floral choker. Check out her great selection on Facebook or Instagram.

What’s your favourite thing to do for Valentine’s Day? Leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

Early Spring Fashion Forecast

Here in Winnipeg, we are sitting under at least three feet of snow, battling windchill warnings and dreaming of warmer weather. As an optimist, I’m always hoping for only 6 more weeks of winter after Groundhog Day but even that is another couple of weeks away.

More optimistic than me are fashion magazines because they start parading out spring fashion now, most of which we won’t be able to wear until May (if we are lucky, last year it was more like mid- to late-June). Just for fun, I thought I would take a stab at an early spring fashion forecast. When the warmer temps actually hit, we can come back to this post and make fun of the fashion I thought was coming and compare it to what we are actually seeing on the streets of Winnipeg.

We saw lots of texture last season in black, white and dark jewel tones for the Christmas season. There was also lots of bling on clothes from sequins to sparkles and pearls. So much fun. So far this season is looking a bit… drab. I guess that’s to be expected through January and February. Many stores are continuing to show case black, white and gray pieces.


Gap is doing this whole denim shirt thing in various shades.

BRtrenchgreenThis trench from Banana Republic restored my hope that colour may again return to clothing and accessories for Spring/Summer ’14.






FluevogpouchI’ve never noticed these little pouch purses before but since reading an article on them being the “new, hot thing” I’ve been seeing them everywhere. This gorgeous pastel sunshine one comes from Fluevog.




Flatforms are supposed to be the hot shoe for spring. We’ll see how that flies here. Winnipeggers are strangely defiant when it comes to fashion and you never know what’s going to take here compared to the rest of the world (or at least Canada and the US).




I’ve also been seeing quite a bit of pastels but it’s hard to say if that’s just spring or an actual trend for the season.

Things to continue to wear until it warms up (or to buy now to keep yourself company while we wait for the warmer weather):


What are you looking forward to purchasing for spring? Any trends you are hoping to see? Or hoping that some die? lol. Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Fridays – Nov 15

Sorry for the short post this week. Lucky for you, it’s truly random. Lol

Sally Hansen nail strips in Hide and Peek. They are clear with black lace pattern. Next time I think I’ll paint a colour underneath to peek through.



Joe nail polish in Cement under OPI Divine Swine. Took three coats of Cement to make a good tray base.



Super cute sparkly pink shoes that my daughter is getting for Christmas. They came from Stance in St. Vital Centre, super cute kids’ and baby shoes there.



Red cups are back at Starbucks. Here I was enjoying a Joy tea latte (amazing blend of black, green and oolong teas).



Second pair of Toms for me. Bought black sparkly to keep under my desk at work for when I just can’t wear heels anymore.



Got a free gym bag from Victoria’s Secret two weeks ago when I bought two bras. They were celebrating their one-year anniversary being in Polo Park.

Just noticed I’m kind of on a sparkly kick. Got some stuff to show you next week as I’ve bought quite a few things from Joe and Ricki’s. Just perfecting this selfie thing and I’ll be able to blog better.

What did you buy this week? Happy Shopping!