Bluetooth Jewellery

Think all tech toys are geared towards men? Here’s Ringly. A line of precious and semi-precious rings in 18K matte gold that connects to your iPhone/Android and buzzes to let you know that you’ve received messages, phone calls, emails, calendar reminders, tweets or just about anything else. It has five different vibration settings to customize for different types of messages. Or you can program it to buzz for only messages and calls from specific people (ie. the babysitter when you’re on a date or your boss when you are taking a long lunch).


According to PureWow the rings are not only functional, they are fashionable. They are currently available for pre-order in three colours (the fourth is sold-out) at $145 which is 25% off the planned retail price for fall ($195).

blackringly pinkringly

The company is toting this as “jewelry and accessories that connect to your phone and notify you about the things that matter most. Put your phone away and enjoy the moment.” Which to me is totally opposite to what it actually does. Doesn’t it connect you to your phone more?

What do you think? Would you buy one or pre-buy one? Do you think it’s a good thing for women or ties us to our phones more? Happy Shopping!