Mascara Review #2 – Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara

Mascara review number two is of the Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara.


So, looking at the intial pictures, it would appear that this mascara is amazing and works great and should be in everyone’s makeup boxes. But really, I think it has a great marketing campaign and that’s about it.

The first few swipes were great, I was sure I was going to love this product and not be able to stop raving about it. But then my lashes started sticking out at weird angles and not looking nice. I grabbed my eyelash curler (which I hardly use) and tried to even them out by curling them. Then I took an old, clean mascara brush and tried to brush them out and that seemed to work, or at least even them. It’s hard to explain but the lashes didn’t want to go where they were supposed to go. And I hardly ever have that problem. Finally I got them looking halfway normal and snapped the pictures you see here. I feel like this is somewhat fraudulent representation because I haven’t used my eyelash curler or a different mascara brush for any of the other reviews. But dammit, I couldn’t go to work with crazy looking eyelashes!

So, anyways… halfway through the day I was fiddling with my eyelashes, which is something I do a lot since I got Lasik and don’t have to wear glasses anymore. And to my dismay, my mascara started to flake off. And because I am a picker (which is why I wear nail polish, to give my nails a chance to grow!), I had to see how much would flake off. Do you see how much is gone between the right eye vs the left eye?

Yikes. That’s a big difference. And I had seriously only put it on about six hours earlier.

Then I went to bootcamp and when I got home I realized most of my mascara was underneath my eyes. Not cool.


It came off easy enough with makeup wipes which makes sense cuz there was hardly any left on my lashes at all.

Overall, I think this mascara layers well and is good for adding one last coat before heading out for a (short) night on the town but crappy for all day when you need it to last. Don’t waste your money. Happy Shopping!