Mixing and matching patterns

I got a request to do a post on mixing and matching patterns. I can see how that would be pretty daunting. What’s the line between chic and ick?

I think the best way to wear patterns this season is a simple, three-pronged approach: pattern, colour (contrasting or matching, depending on your level of comfort) and a neutral.


Here I’ve done a polka dot blouse (pattern) with green denim (colour) and a black jacket (neutral).


Here’s one from last summer where I did a striped t-shirt (pattern) with pink denim (colour) and a denim jacket (neutral).

If you are more daring and want to mix it up, mix a bold pattern and a more subtle one. And they should have something in common. Maybe a colour or a texture. Unfortunately it’s not an exact science.


This dress from Peter Pilotto for Target is a good example of mixing patterns.


This outfit from Banana Republic is a great example of mixing greens and textures.

Or keep one pattern in your clothing and add another in your accessories.


Here I’ve done Sarah Stevenson for Target jacket with black t-shirt and pants but mixed in some lace booties.

Whichever way you choose to mix, whether daring or subtle, be confident about your choices! Confidence in what you are wearing will make people stop and stare (in a good way). Any questions? Email me at tiffany@tlcshopping.ca or leave me a comment.


Happy Shopping!

Keds and Kate Spade

I love collaborations. As I type this I’m wearing one of Sarah Stevenson’s pieces for Target. And Prom Queen blush from the Veronica and Betty collection that MAC did a couple of seasons ago.


Here is a sample of my favourite shoes from the newly released Keds and Kate Spade collection exclusively at Town Shoes. Enjoy!

tealkedsKS polkadotskedsKS pinkkedsKSlemonkedsKS

Which one is your favourite? Happy Shopping!