I’m Back and Where I’ve Been Pt 2 – House Renovation Edition

Hey folks, I thought I’d show you some pics of what I did/worked on over the summer. For those of you following on Instagram, some of these will be repeats but not all.

Thing #1: House renovations

I live in a 107 year old house. It has, as you might imagine, some lovely character-type aspects that come with living in a house of that age. There are other things however, that are not so awesome. For instance, the front of my house:


From the front, it looks… neglected. What the hell am I saying, it looks neglected from the outside, period. Husband and I aren’t really handy. I can paint walls and he can fix cars but everything else we need help with. So, this summer, we contracted my dad, who drove in from out-of-town everyday to guide our child-like minds and hammer-flailingĀ talents to transform the front my house into something our neighbours are no longer embarrassed to live next to.

First, we Dad lifted and levelled the porch.


And I scraped paint.

Then we took down the walls.


And I scraped paint.

And Dad built things.


And I painted them. And scraped paint off of other stuff.

In fact, four weeks after we started the project, Dad took three weeks off as I still had so much scraping and painting left to do. Let me tell you, I did not know hard work until I spent six hours on a ladder, with my arms above my head and a paint-stripping gun, scraping paint off of an overhead beam. And I now know how to scrape paint off of just about any surface. I’ve used a heat gun, chemical stripper, power sander, sheer force…. I am a paint-stripping master.


Finally it was time to start painting, which was only slightly less painful than scraping had been. Luckily, Husband took pity on me and painted a lot of the things since I just couldn’t be on the ladder anymore.


And caulking.


Once we were done painting, Dad could come back and build more. Flooring was installed by a goofy dad:


Walls went in.



And then screens were built. And siding was added.


It was a long project that I seriously felt would never end. Big thanks Dad and Husband for all the work they put in. And Daughter who played so good by herself when Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa were all working on the house.

Have you done any renos? Did you run into any problems or setbacks? Did you run over schedule? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy Shopping!