Totally Random Friday – Sept 5th

I had a comment made to me that my TRF’s weren’t actually random. They were getting kind of predictable. I explained that the only real randomness to the post was the fact that they didn’t have a theme and the items commented on (or shown) in the post didn’t have to connect to each other. I’m basically giving myself free reign to babble about whatever I want. Does that make sense to you? Or would you prefer TRFs to be completely random? I would appreciate your thoughts on this issue.

1. This week I went to check out the Simpsons’ collab at a MAC counter but they didn’t have it, so I will try to make it to my local MAC store in St. Vital Centre (which is actually not really that close to me and the only MAC store in the city) this weekend. But MAC also released MAC Look in a Box this week on the website that look pretty neat. They seem to be three different sets that include lipstick, lipglass, a small eyeshadow palette with three complimentary shadows and an eyeliner. They retail for $47.50 CDN.

MACfacecoral MACfacegreen MACfacepink

2. I bought some things from Joe Fresh on the weekend. They were having 25% off full-priced items on the website and you know what a cheap-skate bargain-hunter I am. That was too good to pass up. I posted some of the things that I bought in my post, How to Update Your Wardrobe for Fall.


3. Also Joe Fresh related is their collaboration with four fashion bloggers called Turn Color On that they released this week. It’s only on the US site but it’s still interesting to see the picks for each blogger. I also find the Joe website a little overwhelming sometimes to browse and I think this campaign highlights interesting pieces that you may otherwise overlook. I also keep meaning to check out the blogs of the featured bloggers but it’s been a little busy this week so I haven’t had a chance.

4. We are probably heading out to check out ManyFest this weekend. ManyFest is a block-party, street festival, farmers’ market, fun run/race and kids’ play area all rolled into one that is held right downtown on Broadway. Last year we took Cally and she was too little to really understand what it was all about but this year should be better (this is also the way I feel about her birthday, Halloween and Christmas). I’m looking forward to the Food Truck Wars,  and the Mini-Fest Kids’ Zone. I really wanted to do the Electric Donkey but it just didn’t work out. Oh well, maybe next year.

What are you up to this weekend? Enjoying the last bit of summer that is hanging around? I’d love to hear about it. Happy Shopping!