Totally Random Friday – August 15th

Happy Friday! This week went by in a blur.

Last night, my husband and I went to Arcade Fire at the MTS Centre with some of our friends. It was a great show with tons of enthusiasm by both the band and the crowd. The band has requested ppl dress up in costumes or formal wear and many people did. I saw a hotdog costume and a mustard costume (not together, surprisingly enough). Women were dressed in fancy dresses and men in suits. We didn’t dress up that fancy, it was a hot night and even inside the arena it was hot.


I also wanted to talk about this dress. It really grew on me over the course of the evening and even though it’s not something I would ever wear, I really ended up liking it on her. Sorry, photos are from far away on my iPhone but I think you get the gist.


MAC released a new collection online this week called A Novel Romance. The colours look bright but rich for fall. Check out Julie’s (from Swatch and Review) gorgeous swatches here. The collection is released in stores August 21.


I coloured my hair…. okay, it’s much crazier than that. I went blonde. Really blonde. Really, really blonde.



It took a few days until I felt like I was rocking the blonde but now I love it.

I love articles that teach you stuff. Online shopping is easy but there is more onus on the consumer to know what they’re buying and read all the small print carefully. With the popularity of subscription boxes, I was super pumped earlier this week when I noticed that Jill, from Canadian Subscription Box Addict, wrote a great article about protecting yourself from shady subscriptions. She has great tips on reviewing subscription terms and cancellation policies before buying and learning about your credit card company or PayPal dispute policies. Head over and read the whole article here.

What’s going on with you this week? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – July 11th

Hey folks! Happy Friday! Sorry about the lack of action around here. It’s been kind of dead for shopping and the week went by really fast. I’ll also warn you that I’m going camping with my family next week so it’s going to be pretty slow around the blog too.

So, a couple of interesting things this week:


You’ve probably heard of Jamberry nail wraps. Most people know a rep or know someone who knows a rep. My first impression is that they are expensive and the reviews are really mixed about those that love them and those that think they are just ok. At $17 a pack, the cheapskate in me needs them to be amazing. Well, Jamberry has jumped on the subscription box wagon. For $25 incl shipping they will send you min $30 worth of Jamberry nail wraps and other miscellaneous nail care products. They also guarantee that there will be subscription-only designs available. It’s unclear if they ship to Canada or how much extra that would be. It’s also unclear if you are able to choose your designs for the month or it’s all just a surprise. Watch the video here. Anyone signing up? I’d love to hear the reviews.


Temptalia (goddess of swatching and all makeup everywhere) posted about a MAC and Simpson collaboration earlier this week. They are slated to come out at the end of August and so far just teaser pics have been released. I am not a Simpsons fan at all and thought I wouldn’t be interested in this collection but the eyeshadows shown look amazing and is that yellow lip glass?? Um, wth? This definitely needs more investigating.

ID_D30_12018.dngAnyone else a Hunger Games fan? Refinery29 posted that the teaser trailer for the first part of the last movie (did that make sense?) is up for preview. Looking forward to more previews and will definitely be seeing this when it comes out.


Keeping with the movie theme, I loved Garden State when it came out 10 years ago (and now I really feel old). So I’m really looking forward to the new Zach Braff movie, Wish I Was Here. I was IN LOVE with the Garden State soundtrack as well so I am pumped about the soundtrack for the new movie. It releases on Tuesday, July 15th and is available for presale on the movie website or iTunes

What did you get up to this week? Anything coming up you are excited about? Happy Shopping!

June Wishlist

The late emergence of summer is bad for retail but good for consumers.Many retailers are having their June sale and blowing out their summer stuff (which to be quite honest, we can just barely wear here in Winnipeg).

My wishlist this month is mostly all about the makeup! As you’ve read, Rebekah and I have been on a no-buy this month and that has been good for us, me especially, forcing me to use what I have instead of moving on to the next pretty thing. It also has me drooling over several products and (not-so) patiently waiting for July 1 so I can run to the store and buy everything on this list! So without further ado, here are the things I’m hot for this month:

1. Lashstash to Go


This set from Sephora contains 5 samples of mascara: Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than Sex Mascara; Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA Mascara; Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara; Blinc Inc. Blinc Mascara; Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara in Intense Black; and a voucher for full-size featured mascara for the bargain price of $30. I do have one makeup purchase allowed during the no-buy. This may be it.

2. OPI & Coca-Cola collaboration


At first I was only really eyeing up one or two of the polishes. Then I read reviews at The Polishaholic, Kalyn Lord and Julie from Swatch and Review and now I need them all. NailPolishCanada has the mini set for $26 and it includes minis of Nail Envy and topcoat, which would be perfect for my desk.

3. Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne collab with MAC

MTY302At first I didn’t really care about this collab  too much but I’ve been eyeing up the Nars Matte Lip Pencils and now that MAC has some, I’ve gotta try them.








4. Indie Polish

Since being introduced to independent polish makers through reading blogs like Chalkboard Nails and Storms and Stars and I have fallen in love with the following:

Botany Plants Lately from Dr. Lacquer. Did you see the flower shaped glitter? Amazing!


Fairy Flurries by Jaded Nail Co. This one changes colour when it gets cold and glows in the dark. Ummm… how fricken amazing is that?!


What are you looking forward to or have on your wishlist? Makeup? Clothing? Something else? Let me know. Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – May 9th

Hey peeps! I told you there wouldn’t be a TRF this week because I’m potty-training but things got a little messed up and I found myself with a few extra moments this evening. Nothing too exciting but a small post to make up for the fact that you probably won’t hear from me until next week.

First of all, if you aren’t following me on Instagram, you totally should. I try to post something every day. Outfit inspiration, nail art, recent purchases, all sorts of stuff. Check it out here.

Rebekah from Lipstick and Lullabies is co-hosting a giveaway with Look by Liz Lewis. It’s a Naked palate of your choice and some other totally awesome stuff. Yes, I totally entered and I think you should too!

I just started reading Kalyn Lord at Canadian Beauty Blogger. She is a little snarky but is hardcore when it comes to posting every day and blogs about all sorts of beauty products from drugstore to department store to specialty store and includes skin care. She’s fun to read when you have some time to kill.

I had a great time at the Gap sale this week. Spent $100 (including taxes) and got 10 items. This has inspired a series: Outfits under $100 – I’ll keep you posted. (Just a note, if you click on the link, it will take you to the sale section of the Gap Canada website. However, if you have a local Gap, the savings are better if you head in store.)


Banana Republic is having a promo this weekend. To drum up interest for it’s marimekko collection debuting on May 22nd, they are giving away marimekko nail polish trio this weekend with any $75 purchase. Please note this is instore only. I’m not planning to go in and get it – please let me know if you pick it up.




The Maleficent collection by MAC was released online only today. Look for it in stores on May 15th. If you go on May 15th, you’ll probably see me and my mom there buying the whole collection. It’s probably best to stay out of our way. lol

Don’t forget this weekend is Mother’s Day. Buy your mom something nice, or at least phone her. I have tons more respect for my mom since having my own bundle of joy. And let me know what you get up to. Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – April 25

Sorry, it’s been a crazy couple of months. I’m getting back on the exercising train (or wagon, whichever you prefer) and had a couple weeks worth of writer’s block so apologies for the sketchy posting schedule.

Here are some manicures from the past couple of weeks. I’m delving into nail art and totally loving it.


Here are the nail art tools I bought from Nail Polish Canada that I am super pumped about.20140424-162447.jpg

We went to my parents’ for Easter and had a great Easter egg hunt with the other kids.20140424-162634.jpg

20140424-162301.jpgSome matte topcoat to get ready for Lacquer Legion. This month’s theme is Glam and I am gonna nail this month (excuse the pun). After skipping the last two months, I feel like I have to bring my A game this time.





I’ve been eyeing up the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigments palette and then realized digging through my eyeshadows this am that I already own several bright eyeshadows.


From top to bottom, L to R:

Rose Suites (both hot pink and lighter pink), Sassy Grass, Metamorph, Shock-a-holic, Purple Haze, Aquadisiac, Cool Heat, Creme de Violet, Pink Freeze, Fashion Circuit and Deep Truth 




With any luck, next week I will be starting Wardrobe Wednesdays. Hopefully it will be a weekly thing but definitely every other week. Looking forward to your feedback on the outfits I will be modelling and giving some tips on styling particular items in your closet. If you have any questions or suggestions I’d love to hear them. Happy Shopping!













Maleficent MAC Collection

Anyone else super pumped about the new Maleficent movie? The trailer looks amazing and she was one of my favourite villians anyways. (How do you not love someone who can pair purple eyeshadow and green fire?)

Happy to report that MAC is doing a Maleficent collection. No details yet but you can head over to the MAC page and sign up for emails to find out first. And obviously I will keep you updated here.

MAC Maleficent

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 13

First of all, apologies. Today’s pictures aren’t the greatest. The cloud cover made for lousy lighting for pictures and I was forced to use artificial light. Nevermind that some day I will be organized to use something other than my iPhone to take photos for my blog….

So, today’s look is courtesy of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection from a couple of years ago. It included three beautiful pinks and one gorgeous burgundy. I topped off the look with some pink Fluidline that was part of a limited edition collection from last year.




MAC eyeshadows: Defiance, Paradise Island, Star Studded, and Real Drama

MAC Fluidline in Feminine Edge

As you may have noticed, I tend to buy makeup from MAC’s many limited edition collections and collaborations. My daily blush is from their Betty & Veronica collection. My favourite lipgloss has Maleficient on it from their Disney Villians collection. Wonder Woman, Barbie, Hello Kitty and several others have all had their kick at the “MAC collection” can. Which of these have you checked out… or bought something from? Or maybe, is your favourite item in the world and you wish they would bring back. (This is the way my mother feels about their Cruella De Vil nude lipstick). I’d love to hear about it. Happy Shopping!

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 10



So, today’s look is not exactly groundbreaking. I was running late this morning and decided to do a multi-shade lilac look. But when applying the eyeshadows, they looked identical! So I added some darker purple just above the lash line to give it some oophm. Hopefully tomorrow’s will be better executed.

Provici eyeshadow in Hyacinth
MAC eyeshadow in Purple Haze and Shock-a-holic
MAC eyeliner in Tarnish

Anyone else have a rough Monday morning? Happy Shopping!

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 8



Just quickly, I forgot to take a picture of the products I used so I’ll just list them. Also, no links today cuz I haven’t figured out how to use the link thing on my phone.

MAC eyeshadow in Shroom, Sassy Grass, and Humid
MAC paint pot in Painterly
Provici eyeshadow in 213 Black
MAC Fluidline in Avenue
Provici eyeliner in Black
Maybelline The Falsies mascara
Benefit Watt’s Up

This is my interpretation of a green smoky eye, definitely meant for a night out. Where would you wear a look like this? Happy Shopping!