Totally Random Friday – April 10th

Another Friday. Even though it was a short week, it still seemed to take awhile for Friday to get here. We seem to be having a bout of colds/flu running through our house which is making the days feel long but at least everyone is sleeping through the night.

HomeMovieLast weekend was Easter weekend and our cousins came to visit and we all went to see Home. It was hilarious. Borrow some kids or take your own, you must see this movie. Jim Parsons, from The Big Bang Theory is in it and is so funny. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez voice the other two main characters. I was a little nervous about taking four girls, ages 7, 5, 3 and 2.5 to sit in a theatre for 90 minutes but they were total stars. Although the littlest one couldn’t decide whether she wanted to sit with Grandma or Mom and changed laps a few times. The five year old rivalled me in how much popcorn she ate (and I love popcorn). I’m also totally loving the soundtrack. Check it out here.





We also went shopping and swimming and I only got one picture.

It doesn’t even have all four of them in it! Ugh

It’s definitely spring and I’ve definitely wrecked all of my $20 umbrellas. It was time to invest in a new umbrella and I knew exactly which one I wanted.

This is Shopping Weather from Cheeky Umbrella.


I bought these three Cheeky Umbrellas for my bridesmaids back in 2011 and they have all told me since what great umbrellas they are. I also loved how they fit in the pictures. The pink one says, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, other umbrellas are boring.” The yellow one says, “When does it start raining men?” and the blue one says, “I like umbrellas in my cocktails.” While none of them are still available on the website, she has many other cute ones, perfect for wishing the rain away.

Hubby and I went on a date night a couple of weeks ago (shocker, I know). We checked out the new sushi restaurant on Pembina, Kimchi Sushi South (in the old Sushi Train location). It was good. They had our favourite red wine by the glass (Apothic Red) and the service was relatively quick. My only complaint was that our rolls showed up before our appetizers. There was also a small problem with our bill but that was quickly taken care of.

Then, we went to Thermea. Wow… just wow. It is an outdoor hot springs spa. There is a hot pool, a warm pool, a cold pool, a sauna, two steam rooms and two relaxation rooms. You can also book a massage (in advance) and eat at the restaurant. It is definitely a high class establishment that Winnipeg has been missing and it is extremely popular since it opened just before Christmas. I highly recommend it for date night, girls’ night out or even a relaxing afternoon by yourself. They do not allow pictures or even cell phones out on the pool deck so despite my best attempts to get some covert ones, I only have one of the lobby to show you.

What’s new with you? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Feb 6th

I’m not really big on Valentine’s Day for adults, but I love it for kids, all the cute Valentine’s Day cards and pink and red outfits with hearts. So cute! So anyways,  today I’m just going to show you a bunch of random pink stuff that I like.

1. Cinderella x MAC collab is being released in Spring 2015. I thought I was going to be able to get away with just buying the glosses below and maybe one lipstick but the more times I see it, the more I am crushing on the whole collection.



Pictures courtesy of Temptalia, read the full article here.

2. Blush is going to be big this season and no one is happier than me. Here’s a couple of blush pieces from Banana Republic that I totally need.

BRblushjacket BRblushscarf

Banana Republic Blush Moto Jacket and Blush Scarf

3. Kate Spade just launched her monthly collection this week. It’s got dozens of great pieces from purses to dresses and jewellery. This purse is one of my favourites.


Kate Spade On Purpose Sweetheart pink tote, $128 USD

Shop all the new arrivals here.

3. Valentine’s outfits for kids


American Apparel V-Day collection for kids


Gymboree Valentine’s Day collection

What are you looking forward to buying for Valentine’s Day? Happy Shopping!

Maleficent and Stella McCartney

I feel like I’m the last person on the planet to know this since most of it is sold out but you know how much I love collaborations so I couldn’t not tell you about it. Stella McCartney has made a few items for kids using characters from Disney’s Maleficent. The items are really nice, a little more grown up than you would expect from a line of kids’ clothing at Disney. But the prices really blew me away $75 and $90 for kids’ t-shirts and a whopping $140 for a Maleficent costume for girls. Wow! I think I’ll be sticking with Disney princesses at those prices!


What do you think? Worth it? Leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – April 25

Sorry, it’s been a crazy couple of months. I’m getting back on the exercising train (or wagon, whichever you prefer) and had a couple weeks worth of writer’s block so apologies for the sketchy posting schedule.

Here are some manicures from the past couple of weeks. I’m delving into nail art and totally loving it.


Here are the nail art tools I bought from Nail Polish Canada that I am super pumped about.20140424-162447.jpg

We went to my parents’ for Easter and had a great Easter egg hunt with the other kids.20140424-162634.jpg

20140424-162301.jpgSome matte topcoat to get ready for Lacquer Legion. This month’s theme is Glam and I am gonna nail this month (excuse the pun). After skipping the last two months, I feel like I have to bring my A game this time.





I’ve been eyeing up the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigments palette and then realized digging through my eyeshadows this am that I already own several bright eyeshadows.


From top to bottom, L to R:

Rose Suites (both hot pink and lighter pink), Sassy Grass, Metamorph, Shock-a-holic, Purple Haze, Aquadisiac, Cool Heat, Creme de Violet, Pink Freeze, Fashion Circuit and Deep Truth 




With any luck, next week I will be starting Wardrobe Wednesdays. Hopefully it will be a weekly thing but definitely every other week. Looking forward to your feedback on the outfits I will be modelling and giving some tips on styling particular items in your closet. If you have any questions or suggestions I’d love to hear them. Happy Shopping!













Totally Random Fridays – Nov 15

Sorry for the short post this week. Lucky for you, it’s truly random. Lol

Sally Hansen nail strips in Hide and Peek. They are clear with black lace pattern. Next time I think I’ll paint a colour underneath to peek through.



Joe nail polish in Cement under OPI Divine Swine. Took three coats of Cement to make a good tray base.



Super cute sparkly pink shoes that my daughter is getting for Christmas. They came from Stance in St. Vital Centre, super cute kids’ and baby shoes there.



Red cups are back at Starbucks. Here I was enjoying a Joy tea latte (amazing blend of black, green and oolong teas).



Second pair of Toms for me. Bought black sparkly to keep under my desk at work for when I just can’t wear heels anymore.



Got a free gym bag from Victoria’s Secret two weeks ago when I bought two bras. They were celebrating their one-year anniversary being in Polo Park.

Just noticed I’m kind of on a sparkly kick. Got some stuff to show you next week as I’ve bought quite a few things from Joe and Ricki’s. Just perfecting this selfie thing and I’ll be able to blog better.

What did you buy this week? Happy Shopping!