DIY Tinkerbell Halloween Costume

Obviously I meant to get this up before Halloween but I’m always of a mind set that it’s better late than never. Of course, this doesn’t apply to work or to going to the movies. You get to that  sh*t on time!

Anyways, here is the step-by-step process I went through to put together this darling Halloween costume for my girl.

This particular picture was for ballet class where ballet shoes were required. I forgot to get a picture when she wore the Tinkerbell shoes to daycare on Halloween. Oops!

First step was to brainstorm which things I could make (tutu) and which things I would have to craftily-McGyver into parts of the costume. I decided to use an old white tank top from the summer and picked up some ballet slippers from H&M and dyed them green.


Dyeing clothing is super easy. Hot water, sink, dye and then BAM, new clothing!


Obviously the colour is much darker than the colour you are going to dye the items. This freaks me out every time but it always mostly turns out okay. Since I wanted a really vibrant green, I kept the items in there probably an hour or two longer than the directions suggested.


Ta-da! Green tank top.

I have no idea what those green spots are on the tank. They sure weren’t there when it was white. I thought about it for awhile and then picked up some silver holographic sparkles to hide the spots. I figured it could look like stars and pixie dust. I also picked up some ribbon trim with tulle attached and sewed it around the tank top sleeves.


Phew. So glad those sparkles covered those spots. I was really worried about that.

While the tank top dried, I went to work on the ballet slippers. Since the slippers were baby pink when I bought them, when I dyed them green, they hadn’t become as vibrant as I wanted them. So I decided to use more glitter glue and cover the slippers to make them more green. Thank goodness for dollar stores. Cheap, primary-coloured glitter glue was available in a huge bottle!


I spread the glue over the shoe with my finger and let it dry overnight.


One ballet slipper with just green dye, the other with one coat of green glitter glue. I ended up putting on two coats of glitter glue. Make sure you let each coat dry throughly so this process takes a couple of days.

Now, onto the tutu. I’d been to the fabric store two times while deciding how to put together the tutu. In the end I decided to buy a length of elastic, trim it down to go around my daughter’s waist and then tie lengths of tulle around the elastic. This worked like a charm!


Once I started tying on tulle, I realized that the white didn’t scrunch down as much as the green did, even though they were the same width. So I came up with the following pattern so there would be primarily green in the tutu: white (wide), dark green (narrow), light green (wide), dark green, light green, dark green, white, etc. I didn’t sew the elastic together until close to the end but since the tulle was tied on, it could’ve been sewn at the beginning.

Back to the shoes! I found some large pom-poms and sewed small bells to the underside so they would tinkle when she walked. (I forgot to take a picture of that step.) I then hot-glued them onto the shoes, making sure I didn’t hot-glue the clapper inside the bell because then it wouldn’t tinkle. In hindsight, I should’ve sewed them on. When I picked her up from daycare on Monday evening, the pom-poms had come off.


Oh well, they were cute while they lasted.

Here are the dress rehearsal pics:


Note: she is wearing white bike shorts under the tutu. On the day of, I also decided to layer them with her white ballet tights for extra warmth.

The wings were purchased by Auntie for her birthday. They were light-up and from the Disney Store.


Photo courtesy of

Yes, I could’ve just gone to the Disney Store and bought a complete Tinkerbell costume but frankly, I didn’t want to. I love putting together her costumes.

So that’s how I made the Tinkerbell costume. I really love doing it every year and I’m always so happy when my daughter has a great time wearing them.

Do you enjoy DIYing your own Halloween costumes or do you prefer buying them all put together at the store? I’d love to hear from you. Happy Shopping!

Mani Monday: Fall 2015 Jamberry Styles

My lovely friend and Jamberry consultant, Tara Jordan, always let’s me know when the new season’s Jamberry catalogue arrives so I can check out the new fall styles. I thought I’d share some of my favourites. Note: all links are to Tara’s consultant page and each style is $17.50.


DoubleTrouble EerieNights DemBones


Runrunrun ChristmasElves SeasonBright ChristmasSocks

New Year’s Eve

SilverChevron Gatsy Enchanted


PolarPals SnowDay

Fall and florals

Patchwork Palette FlowerGirl ButterflyBliss Trellis Wakiki RibbonDance HintofMarsala

And this is only a sampling of the many fabulous styles that Jamberry sells.

I’m working on a video (my first!) of the best way to put on Jamberrys so they last a week or more. I’m cheap thrifty and I think I’ve figured out all the tricks to get the most wear out of your Jamberry manicure.

Tried Jamberry? What are your thoughts? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Nov 1

Sorry for not posting any TRFs for a couple of weeks. Life has been crazy and every week, I think, Holy Crap, how is it Friday again? I promise I am working hard on a more regular updating schedule. I personally hate blogs that update less than once per week – so I best get my butt in gear!

Last Friday we hit the two month mark that so many of you try and ignore – TWO MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I would like to say I’m half done Christmas shopping, but I’m really only a quarter done. If you aren’t into starting your gift shopping yet, here’s some things to shop for in November.

1. Paper Canoe is a business my friend Leanne started here in Winnipeg. She a graphic designer who designs a variety of things including: business cards and other promotional material (including my gorgeous postcards and logo); wedding and gala stationary; fabric and textiles; and wrapping paper. Yep, you heard me, wrapping paper. Now you can have one-of-a-kind, matching wrapping paper for all your presents (think of how jealous Martha Stewart will be!). Visit Leanne’s Spoonflower shop to see samples of what you can order or contact her at to get her to custom design something for you.

 2. Toms is doing Movember shoes. One style for ladies and two styles for men. It says that Toms will give a donation to Movember for every pair sold, altho they are unspecific about the amount. They are pretty cute and feature a little moustache embroidered by the heel. According to the website, this is the fourth year that Toms has done this colaboration with Movember to help raise funds and awareness of cancers that affect men. I’ll let you know if I see any around locally but if you have to have a pair, best bet would be to order from the website. (PS. is currently advertising free shipping through the Christmas season)

3. I’m continuing to wear Sally Hansen nail strips as they are my favourite strips and I thought I would share with you that I was wearing the Fl-roar-al pattern a couple of weeks ago and they lasted for 13 days! I have never had them last that long before. Eight days, tops before that. And they still looked great. Here’s the photos of the strips when I first put them on and then two weeks later. Wow, I am so impressed.

Brand new nails on Oct 10
Brand new nails on Oct 10

13 days later - they still look great!

4. So, I’m sure you’ve been noticing the temperatures dropping and feeling the cooler breezes on your legs when you wear skirts and dresses. And I’m sure you keep thinking, damn tights, why can’t they be warmer?! Well my friends, they have come up with this brilliant invention of fleece-lined tights that keep your legs oh-so-warm. I bought some at Gail-Lyn’s in Portage la Prairie but I heard a rumour that Out of the Blue had some. Spot them somewhere else? Let me know in the comments.

5. What’s with all the owls?? My just-turn-12-year-old niece is IN LOVE with owls. So for her birthday last week, I picked up these cute earrings from Ricki’s. She was over the moon for them. Her grandma bought her some owl poster art for her room which she was pretty psyched about too. Can someone explain this trend to me? Please??

Owl earrings for my niece, Payden
Owl earrings for my niece, Payden

6. Last but definitely not least I leave you with some Halloween-y pics from the past couple of days. Had a great time trick-or-treating with my darling and some adult fun out with some of the girls.

Happy Shopping!