How to Dye Your Hair Crazy Colours

So this really more a post about how I dyed my hair pink. I wasn’t planning on doing a post but there has been so much interest in the products and process I used, I thought I would do up a quick one. Apologies for the quality of the photos, they were meant for Instagram.

So, after tinting my hair lavender for the 42nd time around New Year’s, I decided it was time to branch out into other colours. I’ve done pink before:

but it’s been a long time. And back then (almost a decade ago), the colours weren’t pastel. Pastel was not a colour range that was in style in the 2000s.

This time, I definitely wanted more of a pastel pink and not the bright pink I’d had before. Husband was stopping by Chatters and I sent fairly specific instructions of what I wanted. He sent back photos of this colour range and, despite my protests, had me speak to the colourist on staff there to confirm what I was looking for.

On her advice, I purchased a tube of Soft Pink (far right) and Rose (second from right). She mentioned that while Rose was the pastel shade, it had turned peach/orange after a couple of washes on a client’s hair. She suggested mixing the darker pink in to help keep it pink and combat the pastel colour’s tendency to fade poorly. I understood what she meant. I picked up the Lilac colour in this range and when it faded, it faded to kind of a denim blue, which ended up turning green. Light, pastel green but green nevertheless. Green is not a colour that one hopes their hair turns when aiming for purple.

Again, apologies for not taking any pictures of process but I wasn’t planning to turn this into a post. Here is the one picture that I posted on Instagram where you can clearly see I was mixing the two shades of pink:

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While this shows about a 1:1 ratio, I actually varied ratios around my head. At the back, I did about 75%:25% Rose to Soft Pink ratio, about 1:1 in the middle section around my head and 25%:75% Soft Pink to Rose ratio around my face and the top of my head. It’s a subtle differentiation but if you look closely, you can definitely see the variances.

Don’t rush putting the dye on your hair and make sure you have enough. I used both 4oz tubes completely on my hair and had to go back to the store to get another one for my daughter.

Like mother, like daughter #latergram #pinkhair

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The process of putting dye on my hair took about an hour. After I was done, I put a shower cap on my head to help keep the heat in. The directions suggest leaving the colour on for 20-25 mins. I left mine on for about 4 hours. Because it’s not bleach, it doesn’t damage your hair so it’s not harmful. When I used to colour my hair with Manic Panic, I even used to sleep with in and rinse in the morning.

So here we are with freshly coloured hair. I think the colour was actually more vibrant than shown in the picture as it was evening and there isn’t great lighting in our bathroom.


Better pic of how the dye is really vibrant on the ends of Daughter’s hair, where it’s the lightest. Excuse the laundry in the background.

I felt the real test would be to see how the dye held up after I washed it. It’s suggested that to keep your coloured hair more vibrant you should wash it in cold water. And even though it’s Winnipeg in February, I did exactly that. Brrrr!

The cold shower was worth it – the colour faded slightly but into an even more beautiful rose-toned pink.

No filter on this photo but it was taken in direct evening sunlight.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way my hair turned out. I’m a little worried about my next hair wash as I always feel like the second wash is the one that strips the most colour from your hair but I think this will fade nicely. I will definitely be trying more of the Joico Color Intensity dyes in the future.

Tried a candy-coloured look? What dye did you use? I’d love to hear from you. Happy Shopping!

Feb 26, 2017 UPDATE:

Here is the colour after five washes and two weeks. It’s very faded but still pink and I’m still really enjoying it.

Welcome and Prep Salon review

Hi folks! I’m so pumped to be writing my first blog post for TLC Shopping. This has been my brainchild for a number of years and I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten off my butt to make this a reality.

For my first blog post I’m excited to share with you about my recent experience at Prep Salon, which is Winnipeg’s first blow-out salon. Now, before you start blushing, a blow-out is a wash and style. (Sorry guys, this isn’t “that” kind of blog 😉

I read about Prep Hair in Flare which never features anything about Winnipeg, so I was pretty excited to hear about it. As a new mom, you don’t really have too many events that require a hairstyle any fancier than a ponytail. Generally, a blow-out at playgroup gets you weird looks, so when I had a social to go to, it was the perfect time to try the salon out.

Making the appointment went smoothly, the girl who answered the phone was pleasant and while they had to phone me back to see if anyone was available at the time I wanted, someone phoned back within the hour to seal the deal. I found out later from my stylist that each girl makes her own appointments, which clarified the call back.

I arrived at my appointment on time and was taken right away. They switched my stylist at the last minute which made no difference to me considering I had never been there before. I arrived looking at this:


Somboun, my stylist, was super friendly and made great conversation. The salon was clean and bright. It had a group of girls in there having their hair & makeup done for girls night out so it was busy and had a great vibe. All the stylists & makeup artists looked like they were in their early twenties and they all had that hipster look. They used Kevin Murphy products in the salon which I was familiar with but Somboun showed me two new products and happily wrote down the names for me so I could purchase them at a later date if I was pleased with how they worked.

When I was leaving at 5 pm, a woman about my age walked into the salon and asked for a blow-out. I hung out a little bit to hear the response from the receptionist. Most of the stylists had left about 4:30/4:45 and the salon was pretty dead. “Yep, we’ll find someone for you,” was the response. I was pretty impressed.

Overall the experience was great. I felt relaxed and Somboun was friendly and made an effort to make my experience enjoyable. And at $35 it was an affordable luxury. I did not mention the blog or this review so I feel that the experience was genuine. As for my look, I’m pretty happy with it. Please leave me a comment and let me know how you think it turned out!