Splurges and Saves

After reading this piece by PureWow I knew I had to add my two cents. Head over to their article and read it. I totally agree with everything they said. But I think they missed a couple of things:

Splurge: Black pants for work


If you work in an office or are a teacher or work in retail or pretty much anywhere you will need black pants, spend the money and find some nice one. When I worked retail (many moons ago), I always HATED buying and wearing black pants. At the time I bought most of my clothes at Suzy Shier or Le Chateau and their black pants were all made out of the same material and hung weird on my frame. I also usually couldn’t afford to hem them and they ended up fraying around the heels where I tended to walk on them. Luckily, I’ve grown up and it recently occured to me the reason I love jeans and hated black pants is because I spent $100+ on my jeans and under $50 on black pants. Obviously I was going to like the clothing that had better quality fabric and washed better, right? So this season, I invested in a pair of black pants from Banana Republic (the Sloan for those of you interested) and I am not disappointed. They are soft and comfortable. They fit correctly and I don’t feel the need to pull them off at the end of the day and throw them across the room.

Save: Jewellery

20140416-104651.jpg20140416-104644.jpgaldoearringsForever 21 necklace

I have a friend who wears these gorgeous diamond studs almost all the time. She has short hair and the studs perfectly frame her beautiful face. They are a little on the large side but I always guessed that they were a gift from her husband and she wanted to show her appreciation for the gift by wearing them as often as she could. I was dumbfounded when she (matter-of-factly) told me one day that they were cubic zirconias. I never would have guessed that she had spent less than $50 vs thousands.

Splurge: Sunglasses


I’m probably going to get some emails about this one but there is no easier way to make your whole outfit look more expensive than to throw on some designer shades. A friend of mine wears these gorgeous Prada ones and they never fail to impress.

Save: Belts

Anyone ever spent tons of money on a belt and been like, “Wow, this belt is so amazing. I’m so glad I spent over $100 on it?” I didn’t think so.

Splurge: Bathing suit

This may be one where people disagree with me as well. A friend of mine can wear $15 bathing suits from Joe and Target and look like a million bucks. She also weighs less than 120 lbs and has never been pregnant. For anyone who needs support in swimwear, spending some money can make all the difference in the world. For women: get a swimsuit that actually supports your breasts and hides any headlights. Many suits also come with tummy support or slimming features to help tuck yourself in.

Save: anything super trendy

I would not recommend spending alot of money on super trendy items such as a crop top. You can’t wear it to work (at least, most people can’t wear it to work ;), you can’t wear it in the winter and it may not be around next season. It will not be a closet staple that you will wear over and over. Other items on this list would include harem pants (yes, those are in again), high-waisted jeans, flatform sandals and sneakers.


What’s your splurge vs save item? Happy Shopping!