Terrible Trends

Every season there is some truly heinous things touted as “NEW” and “HOT”. Here’s a few items that I believe should stay on the pages of fashion magazines and OUT of your closet!

My first item on this list and the one that bugs me the most is… the sneaker wedge. Who’s ridiculous idea was this? It’s the inbred, backwards cousin of the shoe world. I have yet to see someone actually wearing this atrocity in public. And somehow, they’ve been on shelves for more than one season. Who is buying these? And who is perpetuating the fiction that these are a good idea??

Steve Madden sneaker wedge - ew!
Steve Madden sneaker wedge – ew!
Ash Bis Wedge Sneaker – uhhh, who thought this was a good idea?? It’s description is, “Military-chic meets futuristic athlete” meaning neither the military nor astronauts will be wearing these!

Next is anything from the 90s. The decade that spanned spandex and florescent colours straight into grunge is a truly mind-numbing one that is best forgotten. I was in high school in the 90s and let me tell you, the clothing was shapeless with ridiculous patterns. Crochet vests, old-man-plaid shirts, baby-doll t’s, baby-doll dresses (which made EVERYONE look pregnant) – it was ALL bad. Even the jeans were bad. Please forget the decade when deciding what to wear. The only things you are allowed to rock from this decade are Dr. Martens and the music.

Forever 21 Plaid Dress - this throwback to 1997 should've stayed there
Forever 21 Plaid Dress – this throwback to 1997 should’ve stayed there

Denim vests – enough said.

American Apparel Denim Vest
American Apparel Denim Vest

I hate menswear-inspired looks. Unless you are built like a stick and look good with oodles of fabric hanging off of your body, it just looks shapeless and ridiculous. If you can pull off the tailored menswear look for evening or work, good for you. The rest of you, BACK AWAY from the closets of your husbands/boyfriends/brothers – buy your own damn clothes!

Collection of loafers compiled by Lou Lou Magazine
Collection of loafers compiled by Lou Lou Magazine

What looks bug you? Any trend that makes your hair curl? Leave me a comment and let me know! Happy Shopping!

Halloween ideas

I love Halloween. I love getting to decide what/who I will dress up as. I love making/finding the right pieces for the costume. I even love putting on the costume over my snowsuit and trudging through snow around the neighbourhood for a massive stash of candy! Well, I haven’t done that so much in the last couple of years. But this year, my daughter will be 13 months and be able to understand a little bit about Halloween. We probably won’t go far but I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing! Lucky for me, her great-grandma bought her a Minnie Mouse costume a few months ago, so she is ready to go!

If you are having some difficulty deciding what or who you should be for Halloween, there are quite a few ideas around the internet.

American Apparel puts out a great spread of costume ideas every year. And everything you need for the costume is found at American Apparel with very few exceptions. Some ideas they have this year are The Tooth Fairy, School-Girl Zombies, a Unicorn, Toy Soliders (like from Toy Story) and Paintbrushes. All cute ideas. You can also look at ideas from previous years here. These are a little on the slutty side although they do have some cute ideas for kids that are totally appropriate.

MAC Cosmetics always puts out some over the top looks for Halloween. This year collection features Rick Baker, movie makeup artist extraordinaire, and includes looks for The Day of the Dead,  Monster’s Bride and Zombie. These look very fun but they are pretty detailed. Maybe do a practice day before your Halloween party to make sure it works out.

Some local shopping for Halloween costumes include Party Stuff, Gags Unlimited (in Osborne Village), Value Village (have you heard their radio commercial – it’s hilarious! I laugh out loud, literally, every time!) and Harlequin Costume.

Now, for a special treat, I’m leaving you with some past Halloween pictures. Happy Shopping!

Can Can girl – Halloween 04
As a flapper girl - Halloween 03
As a flapper girl – Halloween 03
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (before I got the wig on) - Halloween 05
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (before I got the wig on) – Halloween 05
Sleeping ladybug - Halloween 2012
Sleeping ladybug – Halloween 2012



Totally Random Fridays – Oct 4

Holy crap! I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Where does the time go? My daughter was sick again this week so I spent Wednesday and Thursday alternately watching Netflix and changing diapers every hour. That makes days go by really fast. Well, you didn’t come here to read about diaper rash and the intestinal tract of a 12 month old, so onto the shopping.

1. Who doesn’t love Joe Fresh? I know I pick up a few trendy pieces each season (especially since this clothing gets hidden in the budget under “groceries” lol) and I love their catalogues and commercials. This week, the brand opened their own online store so you can order online and have it shipped to your door. Cheap, trendy and lazy!? Sounds like my kind of shopping! They also have free shipping if you spend $50. Some pieces I’ve been eyeing up on the site are:

Joe Fresh floral baby cords
Joe Fresh floral baby cords
Joe Fresh cords $19 and come in 15 colours
Joe Fresh cords $19 and come in 15 colours
Joe Fresh leopard t-shirt
Joe Fresh leopard t-shirt


2. Sephora launched their new line of nail polishes in this week. I haven’t been into the store to see them yet but they look promising. There’s dozens of shades and several collections including New Classics, New Neutrals, Celestials, Shifters and Xplosive Top Coats. Here’s a couple that I’m really digging for fall:

Sephora Formula X nail polish Xplosives Top Coat collection in Chaotic
Sephora Formula X nail polish Xplosives Top Coat collection in Chaotic
Sephora Formula X nail polish Celestials collection in Astonishing
Sephora Formula X nail polish Celestials collection in Astonishing

3. Manitobah Mukluks are a Winnipeg-based company that you are probably familiar with. They have been around a long time but have really become trendy in the past dozen years or so. They just launched their Winter 13 line. I’m thinking about a new pair of slippers for me and maybe baby-dearest. Decent prices considering they support local artisans and are made from real leather and fur. Obviously not for the vegan shopper. Friends of mine have also shopped at their outlet store in the West End and gotten some good deals… and beautiful mukluks! They are also having a contest through Facebook for a $300 gift card. Deadline to enter is Oct 15th. Good luck!

Sorry for the short post this week folks. Hopefully this sickness will clear up shortly and I can get back to showing you all the beautiful things you can buy both in Winnipeg and around the world! Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Fridays – Sept 27

Happy Friday folks! This week has been a long one for me. Both myself and daughter-dearest were sick at the beginning of the week. Great to stay home and watch back-to-back episodes of Once Upon A Time, bad to feel like your lungs may burst out of your chest, thanks to all the coughing you do. Anyways, we’re better now and that’s all that matters.

A few sweet treats I found this week include:

1. This gorgeous pink coat featured on the cover of Flare. I won’t often feature designer pieces because it’s disappointing when no one you know can actually afford them, but this coat is meant to be shared.

Miu Miu pink coat

2. I’ve been shoe shopping for the past couple of week and my overall impression is YAWN! I have never seen so much black and brown in my life! Thank goodness the LPD (little printed dress) is sticking around this season. I need something to break up all these neutrals. Here’s a few from Topshop at Hudson’s Bay that I am just loving!

Topshop Scribble Dress
Topshop Scribble Dress
Topshop Marble Dress
Topshop Marble Dress
Topshop Printed Mini Bodycon Dress
Topshop Printed Mini Bodycon Dress

3. Marc Jacobs just released his makeup line at Sephora this month. I checked out the nail polish last week and I have to say the colours are lush and the polish seems to have long-lasting wear even with just one coat. The price tag is $22 per bottle.

Marc Jacob Hi-Shine Nail Laquer in Opaque Chartreuse Yellow
Marc Jacob Hi-Shine Nail Laquer in Opaque Chartreuse Yellow

4. I just discovered Deborah Lippmann polish at Sephora last week as well. (I’m late to this whole designer nail polish game). I love her glitter collection, her shimmer collection, her creme collection…. okay, I love them all. I’m deciding between a few colours, which one is your fav?

Deborah Lippmann nail laquer Glitter Collection in Candy Shop
Deborah Lippman nail lacquer Glitter Collection in Let's Go Crazy
Deborah Lippman nail lacquer Glitter Collection in Let’s Go Crazy

5. We had an excellent time getting our family & one-year-old pics done  on Saturday by Cate from Cate Photography. Cate and I met and became friends when we both worked in shoes almost 10 years ago (Cate, can you believe it?!) She is also the talented person who did my new photos posted on the blog in the header (betcha you didn’t even notice, lol). She specializes in family and kids’ photos done in outdoor spaces in natural light. I can’t wait to get my pictures back in a couple of weeks. We were outside at the new children’s playground in Assiniboine Park and it was a beautiful day!

Well, that wraps up another week. Hope you had a good one! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Shopping!

Totally random Fridays

In an attempt to keep me to a minimum weekly updating schedule, I am going to do “Totally random Fridays” which will be a list of things I’ve bought, looked for, lusted over, researched, tried or just liked over the previous week. Sometimes it could be makeup or toys for my kid or a recipe I tried and loved. I’m definitely going to try to keep it on the focus of shopping but I may stray occasionally into crafting, cooking and parenting realms. As always, if I borrow photos from another website, I will credit that website accordingly.

1. So, this week was a total week of hating my wardrobe. I was on maternity leave last year and subsequently I haven’t updated my work wardrobe in a whole year. I usually pick up a few pieces each season and therefore keep my wardrobe current (this is also what I recommend you do – very few people are rich enough to buy a whole new wardrobe every season). I also did a big purge when I held a garage sale earlier this year. Lastly, I have not dropped that last 15 lbs that I gained while pregnant and many of my work clothes that I held onto do not fit. All great ingredients to be a recipe for disaster for getting ready for work in the morning. So, I decided I need to start rebuilding the work wardrobe. I started on Monday, figuring I could buy a dress and wear it to the wedding we are going to on Sunday and then wear it to work after. Perfect! I found this dress:

Banana Republic Sloan sheath dress

And it fit like a glove! Then I looked at the price. $175…. crap…. no way can I justify that much for a dress. Even one as beautiful and perfect-fitting as that. When I was single, I would’ve put it on my credit card and eaten hard-boiled eggs for the rest of the month but now things are different. Alright. I continued the search but it was tainted after that. I knew I wanted that dress.

In an effort to distract myself, I tried on these gorgeous shoes at Town.

Calvin Klein snake print shoes in cream/purple/black
Calvin Klein snake print shoes in cream/purple/black

Luckily for me they didn’t have my size or I would’ve been buying shoes as a filler for the dress I couldn’t have. (Am I the only person who does that?)

I left the mall feeling throughly irritated. And dress-less. I wanted that dress!

The next day, I decided to stalk it on the internet. Sometimes websites have coupons or deals if you sign up for their emails or they have online-only sales. It’s never a bad idea to check the website. And there it was…. right next to a coupon code for 35% OFF ALL PURCHASES! WOOT!! That made it a reasonable $113.75 plus taxes. And regular shipping is free. Excellent. The only bummer is that there’s no way the dress will get here in time for the wedding on Sunday. That’s okay, though. I have a back-up dress. This dress is worth waiting for.

2. I have never been one to wear necklaces. I have this paranoia that being short means there’s not enough room between my neck and my boobs for a necklace to sit. Strangely enough, I have bought two necklaces this week and I think they both look great on me.

Forever 21 necklace
Aldo necklace

And a cute pair of earrings, which will match another dress I bought last week.

Aldo earrings

3. For my daughter’s first birthday party, I went a little crazy (which is something I’m told alot of parents do). I forgot I needed some red accessories for the party dress she picked out and so at the last minute, I’m running around (not quite literally) trying to find a headband and red shoes for her. My darling is quite blonde and doesn’t have alot of hair. Clips are not an option for her, it has to be a headband. Luckily for me, I found this one:

This isn't my girl. She sure is cute tho.
This isn’t my girl. She sure is cute tho.

It was perfect and made in Canada by Angela from Trendy Munchkins on Etsy.  Angela was nice enough to find out the options for getting the headband to me by Friday (in time for the party on Sunday) and sent it so I would get it in plenty of time. She was excellent to deal with.

And I decided Cally needed red shoes. These red shoes to be precise.

Toms red glitter mary janes
Toms red glitter mary janes

The short story is that there were none of these shoes in size 4 or 5 to be had in the Province of Manitoba. I did try everywhere. If you know of somewhere I didn’t try, email me or leave me a comment. I’d still love a pair for Christmas.

My little girl ended up looking amazing anyways. Her great-grandma had bought her some white shoes which looked just as great. She stole the show with her smile – she really could’ve been wearing anything.

Cally's first birthday party outfit Dress & shrug - Sears in Fargo Headband - Trendy Munchkins Tights - Baby Gap Shoes - Birds, Bees and Babies
Cally’s first birthday party outfit
Dress & shrug – Sears in Fargo
Headband – Trendy Munchkins
Tights – Baby Gap
Shoes – Birds, Bees and Babies

And of course, it was a great party with great food, great friends & family and the most special birthday girl.

Well, that’s what has been going on with me. Leave me a comment and let me know what’s going on with you and what you’ve been buying for fall. Happy Shopping!

DIY disasters

Every once in awhile (definitely less now that I’m a mom), I get inspired to make or change a piece of clothing. I’ve sewed shirts and skirt and even a dress and I’m constantly knitting something. I’m not too bad at it either, most times people are surprised when I tell them I made it.

So, when I decided to bleach and dye a pair of jeans I’ve had forever and ever and change them into some cute capris, I thought – no problem! Well, my friends, there is a problem. These poor jeans may never see the light of day again.

First of all, I have to say that these jeans owe me nothing. I bought them in 2005 and wore them through my fat phase and my skinny phase and every other phase. The sister pair, which is black but same brand and style, ripped a big hole in the butt and yet I hold on to them for nostalgia.


So here are the jeans, rolled (as I was wearing as capris) and unrolled (so you can see the jagged edge where I cut them off to shorten them so the roll wouldn’t be too bulky). They are a nice, dark blue. And I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be great if they were gray??

So, I read up on how to bleach your jeans. I used instructions I Googled from the interweb.

First, I filled a mopping bucket with really hot water and added a couple of cups of bleach – nope, didn’t measure. Maybe about 3/4 water, 1/4 bleach?


Next, I smushed my jeans in. There was enough water to cover them and they could move around fairly freely and I could stir them easily.


And then, I waited…. (actually, I went grocery shopping)

I checked on them about two hours later and they had definitely lightened…


But they were turning orange! Don’t panic, I told myself. It’ll all be okay.

When I took them out seven hours later (nine hours total), they were definitely not okay. Not only were they orange, they were splotchy.


Very Splotchy. So, what to do. The article had warned me that bleaching them too long may cause the material to weaken. I’ve had jeans split at the bum before and I don’t want to ever repeat that experience. I then got the bright idea to dye them. I had found a box of black dye when Cally (my 11-month-old) had been playing under the bathroom sink (ya, I know, there goes the Mother-of-the-Year Award) and pulled everything out. What luck! A box of black dye I didn’t even know I had. Excellent. I hate making trips to the grocery or drug store for one thing, especially when that one thing is to cover up for a f-up dyeing job.


I filled the sink with cold water and mixed up the dye like the package says.


(Sorry, I just realized I never got a picture of the pack of dye or wrote down the brand or anything).

And then mixed them together. And added the salt.


And finally, put in the jeans.


They say to agitate for 10 mins. I was already agitated, so that was fairly easy. Then I left them for two hours (one hour more than the recommended maximum), agitating again every 30 mins or so.

At the end, I rinsed them well and then through in my washing machine for it’s three rinse and spin cycles. And when it came out, they were…..



So, that was a week ago. I am currently punishing the jeans for being splotchy by hanging them in the bathroom and ignoring them.

So, what do I do? I’ve read this article, that suggested they should be bleached three times before they will be white enough with no splotches. Do I bleach again? Do I buy another box of dye and try to cover the splotches? Do I banish them to the back of my closet and try again next summer? Let me know what you think. Happy Shopping!