Fashion Friday – Oct 16th

Hey folks, can you believe the weather? What a gorgeous week in October! At this rate, we will definitely still be snow free by Halloween, which is always my cut-off for calling it a beautiful fall.

I definitely took advantage of this fair weather with my Fashion Friday post although the wind blew my hair and blazer all over the place, as you can see! I’m also very pleased that this week’s post includes three items bought at locally-owned stores. As I get older, supporting entrepreneurs and shopping local has become more and more important to me. I also love showcasing the amazing shopping we have right here in Winnipeg.

IMG_7635 IMG_7637

IMG_7656IMG_7688 IMG_7700 IMG_7670

Blazer: Louise Bourgeois Black Label from The Style Bar

Blouse: Saie from The Style Bar

Jeans: Henry and Belle from October Boutique

Boots: Clarks

Necklace: Chapters (no longer available)

As you can see from the last few Fashion Friday posts, I mix and match items in my closet to come up with new combinations. I feel one great new piece can change up your wardrobe so you don’t need to buy a whole new closet each season. That’s how I feel about the blouse from The Style Bar. I love the muted floral pattern in neutral colours and the back is so fun with it’s peek-a-boo opening and large bow. It’s my favourite shirt for this season!

As my public service announcement, I urge you to get out and vote on Monday. So many people (especially young people) don’t vote and it is so important for everyone to exercise their democratic right to pick the government that leads our great nation. If you feel you don’t know who to vote for, educate yourself. Head over to Elections Canada and input your postal code. The website will tell you which candidates are running in your area. Google them and the leaders of the parties and see which platform aligns with your views on how you would like to see Canada progress as a country. Then, on Oct 19th, mark an ‘X’ next to your choice on the ballot. I promise, it feels pretty great!

Happy Shopping!

Fashion Friday – Oct 2

While it was still above-average temps for fall, it still felt time to pull out my tights and heavier jacket for Fashion Friday.







Dress – Ricki’s

Jacket – Danier Leather

Shoes – Sam and Libby [brand no longer available in Canada]

Tights – American Apparel

Necklace – Melanie Lyne

As you can see, I am still wearing florals and intend to wear some floral even through winter. How do you feel about florals year-round? Happy Shopping

Fashion Friday – Sept 18

Another week has flown by and while I’ve been busy planning my daughter’s third birthday party, I did manage to coerce my lovely friend, Sarah, into taking more photos for another edition of Fashion Friday. So with no further ado….





Blazer: Hush/Shout (in 2011)

Jeans: Henry and Belle from October Boutique

T-shirt: Joe Fresh

Tank: Ricki’s

Scarf: Plato’s Closet

Shoes: Nine West

Brooch: Had it for so long I can’t remember 🙂

Apparently I’m in a scarf phase, I’ve been wearing one almost every day and I find it an easy way to add some colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. What have you make your staple for this fall? Happy Shopping!

Sophia Webster shoes

When I got married (almost) four years ago, we were in a huge black/white/beige rut for fashion. Colour was just not available. Except for red. And I think you only have to look at my website theme to figure out that I’m a pink person, not a red person. I scoured websites and stores, bugged my friends who worked in footwear, did everything I could think of to land myself the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding. Alas, it was all to no avail. I ended up getting married in a boring, though nice, pair of strappy white platform wedges from Fergalicious.

Anyways, I wish that I had known about Sophia Webster then. So, I don’t want you to miss out. Here are some shoes I wish I could’ve worn at my wedding:

SWangelgold SWangelgoldflats SWaztec SWblackswirl SWflamingo SWpinkfur

While I’ve linked these images back to the Sophia Webster US site, some styles are also available at Hudson’s Bay site as well.

What did you wear or are planning to wear at your wedding? Happy Shopping!

A few of my favourite blogs

Here are a few of my favourite blogs.

Lipsticks and Lullabies – not only is this woman my BFF (IRL), I would love her anyways for her quirky and detailed makeup posts. I thought I was a makeup junkie until she started blogging, then I realized I was just an amateur. I love her Mani Mondays and Weekly Highlights. I have two favourite post of hers are Our Favourite Childrens’ Books and A Few of My Favourite Things – Makeup and Manis.

Bakingdom is a baking blog I found years ago. Darla makes gorgeous baked goods and I am constantly referencing her website when I want to bake something special. Some of my favourites include pretzelspizzathis icing (not too sweet, kind of whip cream-y), buns, and chocolate sheet cake (only make this for a group or you WILL eat the entire thing yourself – I heard, not that I know from experience ;). She does have a strange preoccupation with putting bacon in her baking. I’m not really on board with any of those recipes. She swears they are yummy. To each their own. Cautionary note: While she does have some gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, I would not put her recipes in a healthy category. Yummy, yes. Healthy, no.

Barbells and Bellinis – This is a blog I would definitely put in a healthy category. As someone who eats low-carb, I find her recipes (mostly) fit in with my food choices and lifestyle. One of my absolute favourite is the BBQ Chicken Pizza Stuffed Chicken. YUM! All the tastes of a BBQ chicken pizza without the carbs of the pizza crust. I have also tried Buttermilk Chive Roasted ChickenThai Chicken Tacos and Spaghetti Squash and Asparagus Casserole and they have all been delicious. Plus she has inspiring (and totally dauting) workouts.

Cake Wrecks is a hilarious blog of a husband and wife team who make fun of professionally decorated cakes. Every Sunday they mix it up with Sunday Sweets – some of the most gorgeous cakes you will ever see. And keep in mind, it all started with this post.

The PolishAholic is a great nail polish review blog. And she posts daily (something I still aspire to). I never really thought about nail polish a lot before reading her blog and now I’m glad someone is out there trying all the nail polishes and posting great pictures so I can see before I buy. I have started a running list of polishes that I love from her blog so I can pick them up in the store when I find them. Love it!

Many of you probably don’t know this but I knit in my spare time (what little I have now). I love to make my own wooly accessories and clothing. Any other fibre-working lover out there should read the Yarn Harlot. This middle-aged woman has written nine hilarious books about knitting and people and people knitting. She can also pound out projects faster than anyone I know (even my grandma, who at 91 has all the free time in the world to spend knitting). I’m still working on the same pair of socks and legwarmers since Christmas!

We Wore What is one of my favourite daily fashion blogs. While I would never wear any of the things that Danielle wears (she is more boy-meets-girl and I am more glam girly), I love that she mixes in unconventional items with her outfits. Take this outfit where she pairs a utility suit (read: overalls) with high-heeled Jimmy Choo booties and a quilted Chanel purse. Something I would never wear but I’m glad someone somewhere is.

Okay, I’ve probably given you enough links to click to keep you reading for awhile. What is your favourite blog (besides mine, of course ;). Happy Shopping!

Artizia and Disney collaboration

I love collaborations. And capsule collections. And anything limited edition. This could be why I have so much MAC makeup. Actually, it’s exactly why.

Today I’m excited to tell you about the Disney Collection at Artizia. It’s 16 tops with either Mickey or Minnie or both. I was hoping for some grown up Disney princesses, similar to the Disney Couture collection when they made bags and clothing. But no such luck. Still cute collection though.

Artizia is also hosting a contest to show off your street style wearing the collection. Three weekly winners will receive a $50 gift card, and one lucky Grand Prize winner will score a $1,000 gift card, to be used in stores or online at Check out the details, rules and regulations here. Contest closes March 26, 2014. Good luck!


Any favs? How would you style them?

Happy Shopping!

Early Spring Fashion Forecast

Here in Winnipeg, we are sitting under at least three feet of snow, battling windchill warnings and dreaming of warmer weather. As an optimist, I’m always hoping for only 6 more weeks of winter after Groundhog Day but even that is another couple of weeks away.

More optimistic than me are fashion magazines because they start parading out spring fashion now, most of which we won’t be able to wear until May (if we are lucky, last year it was more like mid- to late-June). Just for fun, I thought I would take a stab at an early spring fashion forecast. When the warmer temps actually hit, we can come back to this post and make fun of the fashion I thought was coming and compare it to what we are actually seeing on the streets of Winnipeg.

We saw lots of texture last season in black, white and dark jewel tones for the Christmas season. There was also lots of bling on clothes from sequins to sparkles and pearls. So much fun. So far this season is looking a bit… drab. I guess that’s to be expected through January and February. Many stores are continuing to show case black, white and gray pieces.


Gap is doing this whole denim shirt thing in various shades.

BRtrenchgreenThis trench from Banana Republic restored my hope that colour may again return to clothing and accessories for Spring/Summer ’14.






FluevogpouchI’ve never noticed these little pouch purses before but since reading an article on them being the “new, hot thing” I’ve been seeing them everywhere. This gorgeous pastel sunshine one comes from Fluevog.




Flatforms are supposed to be the hot shoe for spring. We’ll see how that flies here. Winnipeggers are strangely defiant when it comes to fashion and you never know what’s going to take here compared to the rest of the world (or at least Canada and the US).




I’ve also been seeing quite a bit of pastels but it’s hard to say if that’s just spring or an actual trend for the season.

Things to continue to wear until it warms up (or to buy now to keep yourself company while we wait for the warmer weather):


What are you looking forward to purchasing for spring? Any trends you are hoping to see? Or hoping that some die? lol. Happy Shopping!

Tiffany’s Top 5 items

So my BFF (literally forever – we’ve been friends since we were born) is doing an awesome blog called Lipstick and Lullabies. And she’s kicking my ass by blogging awesome articles everyday. She’s really setting the bar on how I need to step it up!

She recently did one on Bekkie’s Top 5 where she posted her top 5 beauty items she is dying to have. And then I read this other great top 10 post on a blog I read (The Polish Aholic – totally addicting). And I thought I would do a Top 5 list as well.


1. For a limited time, L’Wren Scott has a collection featured at Banana Republic. I am in love with this blazer. There is also a matching skirt which I think would be overkill. They also had some gorgeous brocade print jeans, which sold out in the first couple of days.


2. Speaking of gorgeous, brocade print jeans, I have been obsessed with these jeans by Wallis at Hudson’s Bay since I saw them online three weeks ago. Why haven’t I bought them yet?? I’m hoping they show up in my stocking!


3. A couple of months ago, I blogged about the new line of nail polishes that Sephora had debuted. Here they are offering 22 mini bottles to give you a generous taste of the new collection. Santa should be well aware that this would be awesome under the tree.


4. I love both the colour and style of this gorgeous Ruffled Up Sweatshirt from Lululemon.


5. As someone absolutely addicted to Starbucks, this frother would sure come in handy at home. My favourite drink: Joy tea latte with Classic syrup

Hope you enjoyed my top 5 wants for Christmas 2013. What are you wanting? Leave me a message in the comments! Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Fridays – Nov 15

Sorry for the short post this week. Lucky for you, it’s truly random. Lol

Sally Hansen nail strips in Hide and Peek. They are clear with black lace pattern. Next time I think I’ll paint a colour underneath to peek through.



Joe nail polish in Cement under OPI Divine Swine. Took three coats of Cement to make a good tray base.



Super cute sparkly pink shoes that my daughter is getting for Christmas. They came from Stance in St. Vital Centre, super cute kids’ and baby shoes there.



Red cups are back at Starbucks. Here I was enjoying a Joy tea latte (amazing blend of black, green and oolong teas).



Second pair of Toms for me. Bought black sparkly to keep under my desk at work for when I just can’t wear heels anymore.



Got a free gym bag from Victoria’s Secret two weeks ago when I bought two bras. They were celebrating their one-year anniversary being in Polo Park.

Just noticed I’m kind of on a sparkly kick. Got some stuff to show you next week as I’ve bought quite a few things from Joe and Ricki’s. Just perfecting this selfie thing and I’ll be able to blog better.

What did you buy this week? Happy Shopping!

H&M coming to Winnipeg

Polo Park announced on their Facebook page last Wednesday that H&M will be opening their first Winnipeg store. There has been alot of speculation over the years about H&M’s foray into the Winnipeg market with rumours that they would be going into the space that Forever 21 took over when the Safeway closed. Now it’s likely that the only space big enough for the trendy clothing store would be the space that Zellers recently vacated in Winnipeg’s largest shopping centre. H&M’s Facebook page states they will be opening in Fall 2014.