My Drugstore Beauty Favourites

Hey folks, today I’m talking about my favourite drugstore beauty items. Enjoy!

What are your favourite drugstore beauty purchases? I’d love to hear them! Happy Shopping!

  1. Maybelline eyeshadow palettes in The Nudes, The Blushed Nudes and The Brights
  2. Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara by LashBlast (see my original review here)
  3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer in Fair
  5. Maybelline Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation in Ivory 15

Mascara Review #8 – Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara by LashBlast

Last week, I told you how much I hated CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast mascara. And now I’m going to show you a Covergirl mascara I love: Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara by LashBlast.



Wow! This mascara is truly amazing. I seriously can’t get over how much it it lengthens lashes and never clumps. I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m totally serious. And your lashes stay relatively soft all day for putting on something that is designed to harden them.


I actually even wore this mascara all day and then was going out that night, so I just layered more on. And it looked even better. And I didn’t need a lash comb or eyelash curler to make it look more awesome. It just did.


Love, love, love this mascara and HIGHLY recommend it! Unless some L’Oreal mascara blows me away in the next few weeks, this mascara might be my favourite out of the 12. It is that amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, head to the drugstore now and pick some up! Happy Shopping!

Mascara Review #7 – Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara

So, first of all I want to apologize for the lack of posts for the last two weeks. It’s been a crazy time for me personally and professionally and I really needed to take a break.

So, back to business as usual. This week is Mascara Review #7 (are you counting the weeks left? There’s 7.5, not including this one, so you’ll read about a lot of mascara in the next few weeks.) and it’s featuring Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast mascara in Very Black.


The brilliant two-step Bombshell Boost System combines extreme volume with an intensifying top coat for big, sexy bombshell lashes. Step One: Apply the extreme volume basecoat. Step Two: Finish with the intensifying top coat.

I hated this mascara. I wore it three times to do this review and every single time, I didm’t like it.


You can see that it has pretty reasonable length and volume but I just didn’t like it and I really had to nail down the reasons why.

1. Two step mascara means more time to my already busy morning routine. And even with two steps, this mascara seemed pretty comparable to a couple of others that I have. So, Covergirl, just figure out how to get this great volume and length in ONE STEP.

Here is a picture of my lashes with just Step 1:


Not bad, you could probably just stop there and be fine. But, my complaints don’t end there.

2. My lashes were hard all day. Now, they have two to four coats of mascara on them, I don’t expect them to be soft but it was so annoying that I found myself poking at the lashes over the day. And fiddling with your makeup during a meeting is never a good thing. It was almost like they had hairspray on them, you know, that kind of hard.


Overall, I do not recommend this mascara. There are much better, or at the very least equal, products that do the same job and you don’t have to fiddle around with two wands. It also pisses me off that they have obviously placed falsies on Katy Perry in all the ads for this mascara. And yes, I know they do for all mascaras but this one really, really burns for some reasons.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.46.07 PM

Try any new mascaras that you loved? Or tried this one? What did you think? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – May 2

Hi Shoppers! Feels like it’s been a boring week.

lav-endureI bought this polish last Friday and have worn it by itself for three straight days since I love it so much and I only have one tiny chip on my thumb that isn’t bothering me.




Must be a lilac week because I picked up these jeans at The Style Bar. Totally love them except for the fact that they are super low-rise and I am a short person so they definitely won’t work for everyone.

Wardrobe Wednesday did not work out this week but let’s cross our fingers for next week.


Patiently waiting for my Plie Wand and May Maven box from Julep. It just shipped so it will be awhile before it comes. Loving alot of the colours from this month but I managed to restrain myself to just four: Paulette (pink one fourth from the left), Laree (far left), Jules (second from the left) and Kam (gree one). And the Plie Wand Creativity Kit. Julep is a monthly subscription box with new colours and products every month for $20. Want to sign up? Feel free to use my referral link here. Your first box is free using the coupon code FREEBOX. 


I purchased even more nail polish through the Topbox Limited Edition Flare Mani-Pedi Kit. For $25 you get a subscription to Flare (which worked out perfectly as mine just expired, value: $15 per year), six Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes ($9-10 each retail), Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser & Balm (~$7), Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops (~$8) and a nail file. Great value!  They also have a LouLou one that I’m hemming and hawing on as my LouLou subscription just ran out too. Topbox is another box subscription service that costs $12 per month. I haven’t signed up for this one as the reviews are kind of all over the place. Some love it, some don’t.


Even though my daughter is only 20 months (read: just over a year and a half) we are going to start potty training next week. I have the 3 Day Potty Training book and am planning on training next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So there definitely won’t be any Totally Random Friday next week. I’m choosing to do it early because she shows almost all signs of readiness and I would really like it to be done before summer comes.

What have you bought this week? Any plans for Mother’s Day on May 11th? Happy Shopping!