Books on my Spring Wishlist

I have loved reading since before I could read. My grandma read me books regularly and I memorized them, reciting them back to her so perfectly she thought I was actually reading at three years old.

My love affair has continued with books over the decades and my collection is very odd and eclectic. I have everything from fantasy (Harry Potter and everything David Eddings) to teen reads (all the Shopaholic books and The Devil Wears Prada) to economics and socioeconomic theories (Nickel and Dimed) and cookbooks. My bookshelves probably look like three people use them but the weird variety is all mine.

Here are seven that I have flagged over the last couple of months that have piqued my interest.


1. #GirlBoss: So the founder of NastyGal goes from broke to millionaire and says sassy things like, “I have three pieces of advice I want you to remember: Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t let The Man get to you. OK? Cool.  Then let’s do this.” Reminds me of my friend Amy. I am sold.






2. Leave Your Mark: Stacy London (on Instagram) told me I should read this. Enough said.







3. the life-changing magic of tidying up: Another book to tell me how to declutter my house. Excellent, I will add it to the pile of books I do not have time to read cluttering up my house. No joke, they are in a pile beside my bed. (In all seriousness, my mother has bought this and says it’s a good read. If this book can get my mother to part with things, it is amazing!)





4. Keeper ‘n Me: This is the only fiction book on this list but based on true events of colonization and an Aboriginal man’s quest to find himself and his heritage. The man who recommended it said it got across the devastation of colonization but also had humour and a happy ending. I am all for happy endings.






5. Inspiralized: If you read my post on juicing, you probably know that I’m trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet and overall eat healthier. My toddler doesn’t care if vegetables are masquerading as macaroni, as long as it looks like macaroni. And my husband is too scared that I would stop cooking if he complained. #success




6. How to Get Dressed: I buy (and read) books like this so I can impart this wisdom onto my clients when we’re out shopping. It’s investment into my company. Right? 😉







7. The Social Labs Revolution: I actually bought this book and meant to read it in Mexico but instead I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, I’ll Drink to That and Divergent. So now my plan is to read it this summer. It’s kind of for work but I think it’ll be an interesting read all around.




What books are you eyeing up? Any on my list that you want to add to yours? Happy Shopping!

All images of books are courtesy of Chapters