How to Dye Your Hair Crazy Colours

So this really more a post about how I dyed my hair pink. I wasn’t planning on doing a post but there has been so much interest in the products and process I used, I thought I would do up a quick one. Apologies for the quality of the photos, they were meant for Instagram.

So, after tinting my hair lavender for the 42nd time around New Year’s, I decided it was time to branch out into other colours. I’ve done pink before:

but it’s been a long time. And back then (almost a decade ago), the colours weren’t pastel. Pastel was not a colour range that was in style in the 2000s.

This time, I definitely wanted more of a pastel pink and not the bright pink I’d had before. Husband was stopping by Chatters and I sent fairly specific instructions of what I wanted. He sent back photos of this colour range and, despite my protests, had me speak to the colourist on staff there to confirm what I was looking for.

On her advice, I purchased a tube of Soft Pink (far right) and Rose (second from right). She mentioned that while Rose was the pastel shade, it had turned peach/orange after a couple of washes on a client’s hair. She suggested mixing the darker pink in to help keep it pink and combat the pastel colour’s tendency to fade poorly. I understood what she meant. I picked up the Lilac colour in this range and when it faded, it faded to kind of a denim blue, which ended up turning green. Light, pastel green but green nevertheless. Green is not a colour that one hopes their hair turns when aiming for purple.

Again, apologies for not taking any pictures of process but I wasn’t planning to turn this into a post. Here is the one picture that I posted on Instagram where you can clearly see I was mixing the two shades of pink:

Stay tuned #pink #pinkhair #diy #joicocolorintensity

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While this shows about a 1:1 ratio, I actually varied ratios around my head. At the back, I did about 75%:25% Rose to Soft Pink ratio, about 1:1 in the middle section around my head and 25%:75% Soft Pink to Rose ratio around my face and the top of my head. It’s a subtle differentiation but if you look closely, you can definitely see the variances.

Don’t rush putting the dye on your hair and make sure you have enough. I used both 4oz tubes completely on my hair and had to go back to the store to get another one for my daughter.

Like mother, like daughter #latergram #pinkhair

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The process of putting dye on my hair took about an hour. After I was done, I put a shower cap on my head to help keep the heat in. The directions suggest leaving the colour on for 20-25 mins. I left mine on for about 4 hours. Because it’s not bleach, it doesn’t damage your hair so it’s not harmful. When I used to colour my hair with Manic Panic, I even used to sleep with in and rinse in the morning.

So here we are with freshly coloured hair. I think the colour was actually more vibrant than shown in the picture as it was evening and there isn’t great lighting in our bathroom.


Better pic of how the dye is really vibrant on the ends of Daughter’s hair, where it’s the lightest. Excuse the laundry in the background.

I felt the real test would be to see how the dye held up after I washed it. It’s suggested that to keep your coloured hair more vibrant you should wash it in cold water. And even though it’s Winnipeg in February, I did exactly that. Brrrr!

The cold shower was worth it – the colour faded slightly but into an even more beautiful rose-toned pink.

No filter on this photo but it was taken in direct evening sunlight.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way my hair turned out. I’m a little worried about my next hair wash as I always feel like the second wash is the one that strips the most colour from your hair but I think this will fade nicely. I will definitely be trying more of the Joico Color Intensity dyes in the future.

Tried a candy-coloured look? What dye did you use? I’d love to hear from you. Happy Shopping!

Feb 26, 2017 UPDATE:

Here is the colour after five washes and two weeks. It’s very faded but still pink and I’m still really enjoying it.

Advent Calendars 2016 – Beauty Edition

Hey folks, I couldn’t believe how many Advent Calendars I found when I started doing the post so I had to break it into two posts.

First off is the only non-beauty one I could find, the David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea. This one is also super popular and usually sells out within a couple of days of being release but was still available on the website at publishing time so act fast if you want one.


Image courtesy of David’

If you do happen to miss this one, they do some samplers of six-to-twelve teas in fun holiday-shaped boxes that would make a good substitute. Check out the selection here.

Hudson’s Bay has a few beauty advent calendars available. They are all gorgeous with deluxe-sized samples of products from each brand:


Lancome 24 Beauty Wishes Advent Calendar, $199 CAD, Image courtesy of


L’Occitane Limited Edition Advent Calendar, $59 CAD, Image courtesy of 


Estee Lauder Holiday Countdown Cosmetic set, $310 CAD, Image courtesy of 

The Body Shop has two Advent Calendars this year. Each has 24 products so I’m assuming the price difference has to do with a combination of quality/quantity of product in the higher-priced calendar. Since I was too lazy to read the contents and compare them (I also don’t know that much about The Body Shop product range as I don’t shop there), you can click the links below and compare for yourself. 🙂


The Beauty Advent Calendar, $99 CAD, Image courtesy of


The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar, $169 CAD, Image courtesy of

To finish this round up, Shoppers Drug Mart also has two Advent Calendars:



ArtDeco Advent Calendar, $86 CAD, Image courtesy of (out of stock online but I’ve seen them in a couple of different SDMs around Winnipeg)


NYX Wanderlust Advent Calendar, $75 CAD, Image courtesy of

Sephora had a tons of gift sets but I didn’t feature any as they weren’t specifically Advent Calendars. There is lots of beautiful stuff, so feel free to peruse here.

I’m sure I’ve missed some so feel free to let me know what other, non-chocolate advent calendars you’ve found in the comments. Happy Shopping!

Makeup box subscriptions

So, 2014 seems to be the year that I’m dabbling in the world of box subscriptions. I’ve been a magazine subscription junkie (up to 8 at once) but this is new to me. Right now I’m only subscribed to Julep and Luxe Box but I’ve been eyeing up some others. Here I’ll go over the two that I receive and talk about a couple of others that look interesting but I haven’t tried.

First of all, there’s Julep. Julep is a nail polish company (that is also dabbling in beauty products) and has a monthly subscription box. The box retails for $24.99 USD and there is no shipping costs. On the 20th of each month, Julep opens the Maven reveal and Mavens (subscribers) can view the items available for each box and pick one of the styles that suits them. It’s usually one beauty product and two polishes or three polishes or two full-sized beauty products. The styles are named: It Girl; Boho Glam; Classic with a Twist; Modern Beauty; and Bombshell. When I take their quiz, I fall in the “It Girl” category but I’ve taken boxes in all the categories over the last five months.

There seems to be a love-hate relationship going on with Julep and their customers right now. People seem to love their products but hate the company they came from… weird. Julep admits that they’ve grown too fast in the last six to 12 months and are trying to catch up with demand. Which means they have problems. Problems like boxes taking weeks to get to Mavens (subscribers) or boxes having incorrect or missing items in them or all three problems. So far, Julep has been pretty good to me. Yes, my boxes take ages to arrive (usually three weeks, just before the new Maven window opens). I had a broken polish a couple of months ago and Julep replaced it, no problem. I’m missing some polishes this month and I have no doubts they will send out the polishes promptly.

Here are some photos of my boxes but apparently I didn’t start taking photos of my boxes until July:

July box: The Poolside Collection


August box: The Wanderlust Collection


September box: The Art Walk collection


I’ve also bought several beauty products, usually through add-ons and mystery boxes. I have  the face primer, the eyeshadow primer, the lip primer and the eyeliners, most of which I intend to review at some point. Overall they are good products and I like them. (Leave me a comment if you have one in particular you would like to hear about and I will do that one first.) If you are interested in trying your own subscription box to Julep, I’d love for you to use my subscription referral link here. You can get your first Maven box free with the code FREECITY (but I think you have to pay shipping, which is minimal).

Next up is Luxe Box by Loose Button. This is a quarterly subscription (one every three months: March, June, Sept and Dec) and is one of the few Canadian subscription boxes out there. Apparently they used to be monthly but then switched to quarterly last year. I haven’t had any problems with Luxe Box at all. The price tag is $25 CAD plus tax  and I believe the value is in the products you get to try.

Here is my Spring 2014 Luxe Box (Read the full review here)


And here is my Summer 2014 Luxe Box. (Read the full review here)


If you wanna give Luxe Box a try, I would love it if you could use my referral code.

So those are the two I do try. Here’s some info on two that I’ve been debating.

Ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly makeup box for $10 (seems to me that Canadians also have to pay $5 shipping). I’ve been watching reviews for months now and they are seriously all over the place. Some people love their monthly bags and some people hate them. Three of my favourite beauty bloggers get the Ipsy bag consistently so if you were really interested you could head over and see what they thought about it: Rebekah at Lipsticks and Lullabies; Kalyn Lord; and Julie from Swatch and Review.

The last one I want to talk about isn’t really a subscription box and it isn’t about makeup. It actually doesn’t really belong here but I want to talk about it and it’s my blog. Popbasic puts out monthly(ish) micro-collections of three clothing and accessory items. I look at them every month and every month I talk myself out of buying it as there is one item in the box I have no use for. But I really loved the t-shirt and the black pencil skirt in the Jane Collection. And I’m still kicking myself over not purchasing the Paloma collection. And while I didn’t think I like the vegan leather skirt in the Ashbury collection, I’m sure I would’ve found a use for it. Shipping is apparently free for these collections (which sadly are all sold out). I would love to hear if anyone has shopped at Popbasic and hear their thoughts.

Any subscriptions boxes that you tried and loved? Or hated? Happy Shopping!

Call Me Beautiful, Or Don’t, Whatever

So, hopefully there will be a TRF later today. Instead of writing about shopping, I’ve spent the past two days working on my response to this article: Don’t Call Me Beautiful. I’m still soul-searching about why this bothers me so much but I would truly love some thoughtful feedback on whether you agree with me or the author or have a differing view entirely.

My gorgeous friend posted this article on Facebook with the words,

I made a point awhile ago to stop wearing makeup unless the moment struck me, to stop focusing on whether my outfit was ‘pretty’ or ‘feminine’ enough for whatever occasion I happened to be dressing for. To my surprise, the most telling result of this has been that when I look at pictures of myself, I look happier, more at ease and in general, I like them more.
And just to be 100% clear, this is not something I  think speaks for everyone nor should it. This is something that I personally struggled with for a VERY long time throughout my teenage years and the better part of my 20s. Learning to let go of these expectations is a constant struggle but a freeing one.

Now I would guess that we are about the same age (early 30s) and growing up in the 90s she would have been considered beautiful: tall, blonde, classic features. Me… not so much. I am short, wore glasses, had braces in my early 20s and always carried around about 15 lbs more than I wanted to. I wasn’t ugly but did not consider myself pretty.

After I got my braces off, I started to feel pretty. I finally liked the pictures I saw of myself and I began to smile bigger and bigger for each picture. Those teeth, and in turn my smile, was gorgeous and it lit up my face. People started commenting on how photogenic I was.

And I have always loved makeup. My parents gave me my first small palatte of eyeshadows at 11 with rules about when I could wear it (at home, at special events, not at school or grandma and grandpa’s) and it began a lifelong relationship with ways to paint my face and I have loved every minute of it. When we were 16, when my friends were buying Bonne Bell lipsmackers, I was at the Lancome counter and eventually found my way to MAC which I still frequent to this day.

I have some problems with the article [as I edit this, there is almost 1500 words – ‘some’ problems might be an understatement]. I mean, the author was filled with self-loathing on the days she didn’t feel beautiful?! I’m not trying to downplay her feelings or anything but isn’t that a little harsh on yourself? There’s days when everything works and there’s days when everything doesn’t. Sometime you gotta put on your best smile and say “F*** It! I’m gonna pretend I like it this way!” and head out the door anyways. As I type this there is a stain on my skirt because I dropped my lunch on it. I can’t allow something like that, or that my hair desperately needs a haircut, to ruin my day.

If I wasn’t beautiful, how could I put my best self forward? How could I designate myself as worthy of someone’s time?

Um, you are always worthy of someone’s time, whether you put on a full face of makeup or walked out the door without brushing your hair. I would say this points to self-esteem issues that have nothing to do with makeup or beauty, just accepting yourself for who you are. And rejecting those people who try to convince you otherwise.

There is a familiar anxiety that runs throughout all of these movements, however – the idea that all women must feel beautiful.

The idea that if you don’t feel beautiful, you’ll be miserable without any self-esteem.
In that sense, not feeling beautiful becomes almost threatening.

Which prompts the question: Why? Why should women be obligated to feel beautiful? And what happens when we consider that fact that beauty may not matter?

REALLY? My self-esteem comes from my skills, my smarts, my personality, my husband, my child, my parents, my job AND THEN my beauty. If I didn’t have it, would I never have self-esteem?? I don’t think that’s true. And no, women don’t have to feel beautiful if they don’t want to but to be comfortable with themselves. To accept who they are, that’s all I want for my friends, my clients and the other women in the world.

This one is pretty common sense. If the first thing you routinely think to say to a woman is something about her looks, we’ve got issues.

Do we have issues?? I can tell on the street if someone has good fashion sense and I can compliment that. But I’m sure as hell not gonna walk up to random strangers and tell them they are smart. First of all, they are going to think I’m nuts and secondly, I don’t know that they are.

You might be well aware of unattainable beauty standards. You could feel the need to constantly remind women of their beauty to make them feel good about themselves.
The problem is that beauty can often be inherently reductionist. Imagine how it feels to have all of your accomplishments superseded by your appearance on a daily basis.

I don’t know how that feels. Do you?? Are you really telling me that it doesn’t matter to your boss or your mom that you are smart or good at your job? They would continue to comment on your hair or your outfit? I highly doubt it. I will find a supermodel and ask her.

We need to start teaching ourselves that womanhood doesn’t constantly need validation. My womanhood can thrive without your approval. Further, my womanhood comprises a hell of a lot more than my fashion sense.

You are right. You don’t need my approval at all. And I don’t need yours. But I am always happy to lend a hand with fashion sense.

Womanhood and femininity are not inextricably intertwined, contrary to popular belief. You don’t need to be feminine to feel like a woman, and you certainly don’t have to be beautiful to feel like a woman.

I feel like the author keeps getting beauty mixed up with comfort. Women don’t have to be beautiful or feel beautiful. They do have to be comfortable with themselves, whatever that means to them. I wrote this post a couple of months ago on having a moment where I looked in the mirror and accepted the person staring back at me. Sure, I would love to lose a few more lbs and be a few inches taller but those things don’t define who I am.

I always felt uncomfortable thanking people for calling me beautiful because it seemed to indirectly reinforce the behavior by giving the impression that I was insecure. Instead, without thinking about it, I began to reply to “you’re beautiful” with a joyful, minimally sarcastic “Thanks, I know”.

This quirk produced quite a few chuckles initially, but it also steered the conversation in another direction because I was able to reclaim my right to validate myself and take appearance off the table.

This comment really bothers me. What happened to being gracious? Who wants to be friends with someone who every time you pay them a compliment gives you a snotty answer and refuses to compliment you back? Maybe I’m not understanding the audience. Are complete strangers telling you you’re beautiful? Your  co-workers or your boss? Please explain this to me.

Yet again, there is a nagging insistence that we always have to find beauty in everything and that there has to be something analogous to beauty in every situation to make a person whole, especially in regard to women.

Can I have a “for instance”? I really don’t understand this comment at all.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful as long as you don’t allow society’s definitions to overwhelm you or make you doubt yourself.

Here is where the author and I finally agree on something. I feel that the author has often felt this way and I’m sorry that she has. I’m not judging but by her picture she looks young (yes, I know I’m not so old either) and maybe time will help with her confidence in life and she will feel less like she needs to use her looks to explain her presence and make herself worth of someone else’s time.

I reject all the “alternatives” she gives to say in place of this. None of them would be appropriate in the workplace. I already respect the women I work with and my attitude shows that. Saying things like, “I admire the energy you contribute” comes off as condescending, especially if your co-worker is older than you.

And my friend, the one who initially posted the article, she will always be beautiful, whether she wears a pantsuit or a dress, does her makeup or doesn’t comb her hair. I think both she and the author need to accept that this is part of themselves that people are always going to comment on and that part needs to be accepted just as much as the rest of themselves.

What do you think? I am very interested in thoughtful comments that spark debate. Derogatory or unhelpful comments will be deleted. Thanks and Happy Shopping!

Tiffany’s Top 5 items

So my BFF (literally forever – we’ve been friends since we were born) is doing an awesome blog called Lipstick and Lullabies. And she’s kicking my ass by blogging awesome articles everyday. She’s really setting the bar on how I need to step it up!

She recently did one on Bekkie’s Top 5 where she posted her top 5 beauty items she is dying to have. And then I read this other great top 10 post on a blog I read (The Polish Aholic – totally addicting). And I thought I would do a Top 5 list as well.


1. For a limited time, L’Wren Scott has a collection featured at Banana Republic. I am in love with this blazer. There is also a matching skirt which I think would be overkill. They also had some gorgeous brocade print jeans, which sold out in the first couple of days.


2. Speaking of gorgeous, brocade print jeans, I have been obsessed with these jeans by Wallis at Hudson’s Bay since I saw them online three weeks ago. Why haven’t I bought them yet?? I’m hoping they show up in my stocking!


3. A couple of months ago, I blogged about the new line of nail polishes that Sephora had debuted. Here they are offering 22 mini bottles to give you a generous taste of the new collection. Santa should be well aware that this would be awesome under the tree.


4. I love both the colour and style of this gorgeous Ruffled Up Sweatshirt from Lululemon.


5. As someone absolutely addicted to Starbucks, this frother would sure come in handy at home. My favourite drink: Joy tea latte with Classic syrup

Hope you enjoyed my top 5 wants for Christmas 2013. What are you wanting? Leave me a message in the comments! Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Dec 20th

So, are ya ready?? I’m sure you’ve heard that about a thousand times this week. For those of you who aren’t, this is the last weekend before the BIG DAY. And for those of you who are, sit back, relax and eat some more cookies. (This is my plan… and wrapping.)

Here are some totally random pictures and thoughts of things I’ve bought for myself and for Christmas. I’m not too worried about blowing any big Christmas secrets. My daughter can’t read yet, lol.


Weekly Manicure: Quo by Orly in Star Formation

Gifts for my 15-month-old:

princess castle

Little People Disney Princess Castle. Honestly, I think I’m going to be more excited to play with it that she is. When you put the princesses in different areas it sings songs from the movies. And it’s soooo cute!


Vtech iDiscover App Activity Table. You can put your iPad in it and the controls around the table interact with several games on the iPad. Also works with Android tablets. When you don’t want your tablet in there, this other piece fits in and babies can play with it. I think her dad is excited for the racing game on this one. And I know she will like the music game that is available.

Note that while I’ve linked the pictures to the Toys R Us website, I noticed both were on sale at Target earlier this week (and cheaper, too).

My lame, dark attempt at a selfie at the office in my boss' tiny bathroom.
My lame, dark attempt at a selfie at the office in my boss’ tiny bathroom.

Sloan pants I picked up on Black Friday from Banana Republic. Love these pants. Totally buying them in at least one other colour and maybe a back-up black pair. Super soft and extremely comfortable.


Chocolate Peppermint Cookies recipe from Bakerella, made by yours truly. I used the milk chocolate mint M&Ms instead and omitted the instant coffee crystals. Delicious!


My fireplace all decorated. Misplaced our tree when we put it away last year (actually, we think we might’ve thrown it out thinking we would buy a new one this year), so this is all the decorating I could do. Not exactly sure where to put the presents.


My Christmas look. Been seeing a new stylist who came up with this gorgeous idea for a mixture of warm and bright reds to glam up my look. Totally loving it!

The beautifully decorated Christmas trees at the Legislative Building
The beautifully decorated Christmas trees at the Legislative Building

And lastly, if you are looking for a place to get some Christmas family or engagement pictures done, I highly suggest heading over the Legislative Building. The staff there do a great job of decorating the main staircase every year and it’s a gorgeous building if you’ve never been there. Click on the picture to get the full size one.

I still have some time left if you need some last-minute things picked up or wrapped. Please give me a call or send me an email! Happy Shopping!