28 Days of Eyeshadow Roundup

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, there aren’t 28 different looks for 28 Days of Eyeshadow. And I want to apologize for this. It was partly because I got lazy and busy and partly because I developed a sensitivity to the mascara I was using and had to discontinue use of all eye products for awhile. That was only a week though, so the fact that there are two weeks of posts lacking can’t all be blamed on that. And to make it up to you, I will do a monthly review of drugstore mascaras – you heard me, one per month. I will post my January and February reviews right away and I will let you know which one I’ve picked out for March.

Here’a roundup of all the looks I did. Any favs? Happy Shopping!

20140214-150551.jpg 20140211-093911.jpg 20140209-223042.jpg 20140207-151604.jpg 20140206-115710.jpg 20140205-110729.jpg 20140204-110433.jpg 20140201-132716.jpg



PS. Looking at these looks has also made me vow to take better care of my eyebrows. 😉

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 10



So, today’s look is not exactly groundbreaking. I was running late this morning and decided to do a multi-shade lilac look. But when applying the eyeshadows, they looked identical! So I added some darker purple just above the lash line to give it some oophm. Hopefully tomorrow’s will be better executed.

Provici eyeshadow in Hyacinth
MAC eyeshadow in Purple Haze and Shock-a-holic
MAC eyeliner in Tarnish

Anyone else have a rough Monday morning? Happy Shopping!

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 8



Just quickly, I forgot to take a picture of the products I used so I’ll just list them. Also, no links today cuz I haven’t figured out how to use the link thing on my phone.

MAC eyeshadow in Shroom, Sassy Grass, and Humid
MAC paint pot in Painterly
Provici eyeshadow in 213 Black
MAC Fluidline in Avenue
Provici eyeliner in Black
Maybelline The Falsies mascara
Benefit Watt’s Up

This is my interpretation of a green smoky eye, definitely meant for a night out. Where would you wear a look like this? Happy Shopping!

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 7

Sorry, no TRF today. I am working on blogging everyday and mixing this with regular work and mommy duties means I haven’t had the same amount of time to peruse website to check out spring looks. I should have some cute stuff to show you next week.

Today’s look makes me think of spring. And since I was able to go without my touque and it was super sunny today, I’m all sentimental and optimistic that it will be spring soon!




MAC eyeshadow in Pink Freeze, Creme de Violet, and Shock-a-holic.

MAC Fluidline in Avenue (no longer available)

Anyone else notice the pastels that are starting to crop up in store windows and displays? I am super excited! Any pieces you are looking forward to purchasing or bought this week? Happy Shopping!

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 6

Today’s look is a copper colour. These first two pics are to show how mascara does give you a more polished look.





Today’s eyeshadow colour is Cosmic by MAC and I’m embarrassed to say it’s older than my relationship with my husband. I keep makeup long past the recommended times to throw them out. This makes me wonder if those guidelines are a scam by the makeup companies to keep us buying more….

MAC eyeshadow in Cosmic (not available anymore)

MAC eyeliner in Coffee

Any favourite looks so far? Happy Shopping!

28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 2 & 3

So first of all, I have to apologize. I could’ve sworn that I took pics of my “amped up” eye from yesterday but when I went to post them, I couldn’t find them on my phone. So either, I forgot to take them or my kid deleted the photos off my phone. Either is a good possibility. So, I will re-do that look at a future date and post it then.

Yesterday’s look was not subtle but still daytime appropriate, I think.




It was also pretty simple, taking about five or six mins to do.



The products I used were:

MAC eyeshadow in Purple Haze and Shock-a-holic

MAC 228 brush

Provici Powderliner in Coal (no longer available)

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

What’s your favourite purple eyeshadow? Happy Shopping!

28 days of eyeshadow

I’m a little bit of a makeup junkie. Specifically, a MAC makeup junkie. I’ve been branching out over the past couple of years but primarily my makeup box looks like a MAC counter. I have 33 different eyeshadow colours and 12 eyeliners. And yet, I seem to use the same 5 or so products over and over. So, my challenge to myself is create 28 different looks for February, a new one each day and post them here.

Please leave me a comment if you would like me to do a tutorial on any of my looks or if you have a look you would like me to try. Happy Shopping!