Sophia Webster shoes

When I got married (almost) four years ago, we were in a huge black/white/beige rut for fashion. Colour was just not available. Except for red. And I think you only have to look at my website theme to figure out that I’m a pink person, not a red person. I scoured websites and stores, bugged my friends who worked in footwear, did everything I could think of to land myself the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding. Alas, it was all to no avail. I ended up getting married in a boring, though nice, pair of strappy white platform wedges from Fergalicious.

Anyways, I wish that I had known about Sophia Webster then. So, I don’t want you to miss out. Here are some shoes I wish I could’ve worn at my wedding:

SWangelgold SWangelgoldflats SWaztec SWblackswirl SWflamingo SWpinkfur

While I’ve linked these images back to the Sophia Webster US site, some styles are also available at Hudson’s Bay site as well.

What did you wear or are planning to wear at your wedding? Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “Sophia Webster shoes

  1. Can I speak for the bridesmaids that we would have insisted (for the sake of the shoes) the wedding be moved indoors! Totally adorable!

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