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I got hooked on sugaring my body several years ago after having waxing treatments for most of my adult life. I really prefer sugaring for several reasons: it’s an all natural product; more environmentally friendly as there are no fabric strips to throw away; not as rough on your skin, and since it doesn’t rip off the top layer of skin (the way that waxing does), you can go over the same area several times to get those pesky, stubborn hairs; and I find it less painful, although I still pop an Advil before I go.

During the winter of my maternity leave, I stopped seeing my regular sugaring lady and when I was ready to go back and see her again in the summer, she had mysteriously disappeared. Since then I have shaved and trimmed and plucked and tried to find a new sugaring lady. I saw one that did great work but didn’t have a filter on her mouth and I refuse to be abused by the people I pay to perform a service for me.

So when the Mexico trip was upcoming, I Googled “sugaring corydon area” and up popped Nude Sugar Bar. I also found and loved this article giving a back story about the 20-something woman who owns the store and why she thought it was important to open a niche, one-service sugaring shop here in Winnipeg.

I called and made an appointment for Jan 21st, giving myself at least 48 hours between the time of my appointment and when my skin would be subjected to UV rays. I was allotted 45 mins to do a Brazilian and my underarms, which I figured would be plenty of time.

I arrived a few minutes early to fill out the forms that come with every new sugaring/waxing/facial place. Jaylene (I hope I’m spelling that right) ushered me into the cute, minimalist back room with clear instructions on getting completely undressed, except for my bra, laying on the table and covering myself with the towel. She knocked respectfully before opening the door, which was good as I needed one extra minute to get all the layers off, on the table and the towel on.

Jaylene was friendly and really put me at ease. I know estheticians talk about how they don’t even notice the nudity of their clients anymore and I’ve noticed that can easily turn into disregard for the client’s feelings about nudity. Jaylene walked that line very well, she wasn’t embarrassed about my nudity but she respected my feelings about being nude in front of a stranger, which I really appreciated.

She worked quickly, even while we were chatting about birthing, babies and pregnancy (she is pregnant) and I was in my car 10 minutes before the appointment was even supposed to be over. It was also the best sugaring job anyone had done in years, my skin was incredibly soft and I didn’t have to go home and tweeze any stray hairs that had been missed.

When I came home from Mexico, I received a birthday card from Nude Sugar Bar with an invitation to return for 25% off my next sugaring appointment. Nice touch!

Overall, my experience was great, I will definitely be going back. And while I went during lunch, I really appreciate that the store is open later during the week and on Saturdays so I don’t have to skip work to go.

Have you tried sugaring? Do you prefer it, or waxing? Let me know in the comments. Happy Shopping!


See my wonderfully smooth armpit? It’s been over two weeks and I still don’t need to shave!

2 thoughts on “Shop Local Saturday – Nude Sugar Bar

  1. Hi Tiffany!

    We might be a little late, but someone just brought this review to our attention! We are so thankful for the kind words you are spreading about our Sugar Bar. As a new business we really appreciate you trying us out and featuring Nude on your blog!

    We hope to see you again soon 🙂

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