Review of Topbox’s Limited Edition LOULOU 10th Anniversary Collection

As most makeup collectors and beauty bloggers, I am a sucker for limited editions. And special packaging. And trial sizes. So when Topbox added all these things together in a Limited Edition LOULOU 10th Anniversary Collection box, I knew I had to get it.

IMG_5063.PNG I don’t normally subscribe to Topbox but I love checking out their limited edition boxes. I previously purchased their Flare and Sally Hansen one in the spring (which I just realized, I never took pictures of… whoops).

In this box was some items I am super excited to use. So, onto the products! IMG_5110.JPG

B.Kamins Bio-Maple Maple Sugar Body Scrub (12 g) $3.50 – Looking forward to trying this out. Plus, it’s made in Canada.


Barefoot Venus Assorted Shea Butter Hand Cream (60 mL) $6 – This smells like a trip to the beach, which is nice. I don’t feel there’s a lot to say about it. It’s lotion, I’ll use it. When researching the cost of the product, I found out it’s also made in Canada, which I always like. Check out their webpage for a retailer near you.


essie sleek stick™ (full size) ~$10: I’ve  tried these before and not been a big fan. I’m sure I’ll wear them sometime but I’m not totally excited about this product.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.59.02 PM

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essie Under The Twilight nail lacquer (full size) ~$10: This is a gorgeous navy/purple cream with crazy amounts of shine. It lasted a couple of days with no topcoat. I think this will get a lot of wear, it is a perfect colour for winter.

IMG_5126.JPG Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (4 mL) $13 – This was one of the products I was excited to try from the get-go. It is gorgeous and does exactly what mascara should do: It lengthens and the staying power is great.





MeMeMe – Elegant Eyes Eyeshadow Trio (full size) $8 – Keeping with the winter-colour theme of the box, this purple/gray/black eyeshadow trio is great for making a smoky eye. The colours have good staying power and show up pretty brilliantly. My only complaint would be, there was lots of dust leftover after using the colours and that always feels wasteful when eyeshadows do that. Here is the colours blended into a smokey eye: IMG_5078.JPG Love this combo! IMG_5105.JPG

OSiS+ Session Label Dust It Flex Mattifying Powder (10 g) $20 – I have tried several dry shampoos over the last year and so far OSIS powders have been my fav. The powders tend not to smell as much as the ones in aerosol cans and I find them easier to apply. I don’t notice much of a difference between this powder and the other OSIS one but I like this product and will definitely use it all.


philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer for all skin types (7 mL) $10 – This stuff is lovely. Out of all the things in the box, this might be the one thing I buy again after. It smells like you’ve been to the spa and works great. My skin feels moisturized but not oily. And you only need the amount of a pea for your whole face so even this sample has lasted a couple of weeks.


Teeez Easy On The Eyes Eyeliner – Black (full size) $13 – This is a great liquid liner. It stays all day, even after work and bootcamp. It reminds me a lot of the Eyeko The Skinny liner . Here I’ve pair all three eye makeup items from this box: the mascar, liner and the eyeshadow.

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Eau De Parfum (1.5 mL) $3.50 – I never actually received this. I got an email a couple of days before it shipped telling me this wasn’t in my box and telling me that they would send two samples along later. Which is great if I like it…. but not so great if I’m not crazy about it. So, I guess we’ll see.

So, you’ve seen the dollar amounts next to each description. I paid $35 plus taxes for this and the total dollar value for the products I received is $97. Add that to the four issues of LouLouMagazine that I will receive in the mail and the value of this box increases to $105, which is a great deal. You can also choose to get a digital subscription for a year (8 issues) instead of the 4 print issues or you can send the subscription to a friend. Overall, I am really happy with this box. Head over to Topbox and get your own before they ship on Nov 17th. Happy Shopping!

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