My Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hey folks! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, both Daughter and I got that terrible flu and it’s been busy at work plus all the Christmas shopping I have been doing. Actually, it’s been a mixture of birthday and Christmas shopping as I realized I have five family birthdays in December – craziness!

Anyways, in honour of Black Friday, I thought I would post my Christmas wish list. My real wish list, the one I will also be sending to my husband and my mother. If only I could have everything off of it…..

Apple Watch, starts at $449 CAD


Now this is definitely the item I will not be getting for Christmas. Especially since I “need” a new iPhone more than an Apple Watch. But aren’t they pretty to look at?

MAC brush 196, $42


I saw this foundation brush at a MAC counter and have been lusting after it ever since. But my family constantly complains that I buy everything and don’t leave them anything to buy me, so it’s on my list. [See mom, I listen… sometimes…..]

Paderno spiralizer ($40 for three blade model shown)


I bought the Inspiralized cookbook earlier this year and realized it’s made so much better by buying a spiralizer. This isn’t the exact one they use in the book but I think it’s close and Paderno is a great brand. Pretty excited for all the low carb meals I’ll be able to make with this baby! The link above is to but I think it’s also available at Home Outfitters.

Foldio (large, $90; small ~$50)


I just found this earlier this week but I WANT WANT WANT it! It’s a fold-up light box that quickly sets up for an instant studio in your home. As someone who has no dedicated blogging space and is in desperate need of some bright lights to take pictures for her blog, this is perfect.

Mukluks, $180


I have asked for these mukluks (from Manitobah Mukluks) for about four years in a row. I’m not sure why I don’t just buy them myself. They are gorgeous and warm and are exactly what you need for surviving winters in Manitoba.

Matt and Nat Tia in Petal, $168


I know I posted this briefcase earlier this year in the Grape colour but once I saw this pale pink, I knew I needed this colour instead.

What’s on your wish list? I’d love to hear, please leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

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