Mascara Review #9 – Physician’s Formula Organicwear

Ack! It’s December and I still have four mascara reviews to do. Let’s get-ter done!

This week I have the Physician’s Formula Organic wear®100% Natural Origin FakeOut™ Mascara. (Again, who names these?!) I love the hot pink, shiny, curvy tube.


The wand is totally the opposite of the tube (and therefore the opposite of what I expected), short and shaped like a football.


This is a great mascara for everyday wear. It has good coverage and really thickens your eyelashes. It doesn’t add alot of length but still gets the job done. It also didn’t clump no matter how many coats you put on, which was nice. Sometimes I can tend to go overboard putting mascara on and this mascara is totally forgiving of that.


For nighttime, I liked layering this mascara over the CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara. It gave a look very close to Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Sorry, I totally forgot to take pictures when I did that and have no desire to put on that much mascara if I’m not going actually going to be leaving the house.

Three more to go! Any last requests as I head out to purchase them? Happy Shopping!

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