Mascara Review #1 – Maybelline The Rocket

So, awhile ago I promised a monthly review on drug store mascaras and by-gonnit, while you won’t get them monthly, I promise 12 reviews on drug store mascaras before Dec 31, 2014!

This first one is Maybelline The Rocket. I was surprised at how many mascaras Maybelline has for sale. And each one comes in several colours and both waterproof and regular. It’s a little daunting. The great thing about these reviews is I can pick one at random and make your shopping trip a little less confusing.

Things I loved about this mascara: It had a funky brush that did amazing at separating and covering each lash. This is definitely a great look for day and can easily be layered for night time.


Things I hated about this mascara: Getting it off! This mascara seemed to not want to budge once it was in place. My routine for getting it off became wipe with makeup remover (generally makeup wipes), then wash my face and then wipe with makeup wipes AGAIN.


Here’s a picture of the leftover mascara on my face after a shower. This became throughly irritating especially when I ran out of makeup wipes and couldn’t replace them for a couple of days (or simply forgot to go to the store to buy them) and had mascara literally stuck to my under-eye area and no way to get it off. Even washing my face again did not help. I thought it was just me but apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way.


Overall, this inability to get the mascara off my face was enough to make me not want to purchase it again. Thumbs down.

What mascara are you using? Any suggestions for mascara reviews you would like to see? Leave me a comment. Happy Shopping!

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