Julep Lip Vernis

So, originally I had no intention of reviewing the Julep lip vernis. I got Zinnia (no longer available on the website) in a mystery box back in May sometime and I wasn’t thrilled about the box. It was a good value but the polishes were clearly fall colours and none of them appealed to me. This lip gloss got chucked into my nail polish box and just got put it into my purse this week.


So, I slapped it on my lips this am while walking out to the door and OH.. MY… GOODNESS! It was creamy, sheer and smooth and… not sticky. I’m so not kidding. I am a MAC junkie and I have tried all their glosses and tints and lip glasses and I am just used to the sticky. It’s prevalent . A not sticky lipgloss… this totally blew my mind. To top it all off it smells delicious like vanilla birthday cake. While this isn’t a colour I would have normally chosen for myself I do like it alot, mostly due to the sheerness of it.


Have you tried Julep Lip Vernis? How does is compare to their gloss? Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “Julep Lip Vernis

  1. Gorgeous! MAC Lipglass is insanely sticky eh… Stila’s glosses are too. I thought I had gotten a lip vernis but I guess it was a gloss ‘timeless’ – really wasn’t much of anything.

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