Happy Mail Project Reveal

Back in August, I signed up for Happy Mail Project by Lauren at Pink on the Cheek. Happy Mail Project is a little bit like having a pen pal. You sign up and then Lauren pairs bloggers of similar ages together and then you “meet” and share information about each other and after a month or so, you mail a goodie bag to your pen pal based on a theme that Lauren came up with when you signed up.

I got paired with the lovely Christine from Simply Stine and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, which is a place I know nothing about except that they don’t really have winter (lucky!). Christine is also a beauty and fashion blogger and I enjoyed reading her reviews of things we either don’t have here or I’ve never tried. Like Maybelline Brow Drama or e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipsticks and I really appreciated her views on Truthful Tuesdays. She also went on an amazing trip to Disney World while we were pen pals and hunted for an Elsa doll while she was there since I wanted one for Cally’s birthday. She didn’t find one but her tenacity in her search for this doll for a stranger really touched my heart.

I got my Happy Mail from Christine on Friday and when I opened it I was blown away. It took me a couple of days to put the right words together to even write an email to tell her thank you. This woman is GENEROUS! I felt damn spoilt. Here is what I got:


First of all, this gorgeous card with her logo and artwork on it (and a lovely hand-written note instead as well). It has totally inspired me to get some TLC Shopping ones. I can see where they would come in so handy!


This lovely orange-scented candle in a cute tin with a lid.


Maybelline The Nudes palette (!!). I am pumped to try this. I was making myself wait to try until I got this post done, kind of like a reward. (sometimes blogging feels like lots of work)


Some inspiration quotes for my desk and some wise post-it notes to fit in with our “Back to School” theme.


Two purple polishes (whose names I forgot to write down) and a pink pen. I think Christine caught on that pink and purple are my favourite colours. She is very perceptive. 😉


Some stickers, colouring books and crayons for my toddler. This part was really touching to me. Cally saw me open the box and started yelling, “Mom! Anna! Anna!” – it was so cute. A HUGE thanks to Christine for adding these items in for her.

This is a third of the chocolates that Christine sent me. Or maybe a quarter. There were lots and they were quickly gobbled down by both my husband and myself. Not saying who ate more though.

So that was my Happy Mail Project experience. And I just want to say, it was awesome. Thanks so much to Lauren for organizing the project and a BIG HUG out to Christine for sending this stuff. It was wonderfully thoughtful and tailored for me. I hope she likes her stuff even a fraction of what I liked mine.

Happy Shopping!

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