Totally Random Friday – Nov 13

Happy Friday the 13th! Did everyone enjoy their day off in the middle of the week? While Husband and I didn’t do anything special for Remembrance Day, I think I would like to start some kind of tradition when Daughter gets older. I think it’s important to remember those who’ve given their lives for our freedom.

Anyways, don’t forget to head over to my Jamberry party and order this weekend before it closes on Monday. You’ll get a free half sheet (value $10) with any order and you don’t have to live near me to be a part of this deal, you can live anywhere in Canada. Also check out my YouTube video on tips and tricks to get the most out of your Jamberry manicure.

Santa Claus is coming to Winnipeg starting this weekend. He lands at Kildonan Place on Sunday, St. Vital Centre on Monday and Polo Park next Thursday and stays through to the 24th. No word on when Grant Park Shopping Centre is hosting Santa yet. Check links for more info on Santa’s hours.

Three years later and I’m still surprised no one is crying in this picture

I’m sure I’ll be doing a piece on affordable, easy Christmas presents but I always like to point out the ridiculous ones too. Like this for example: a Swarovski-crystal-encrusted Starbucks card for your Starbucks enthusiast who has everything AND too much money. ($200, loaded with $50 credit, at select Starbucks locations)


Anyone else super excited for the holiday-movie season? From the new Bond movie to the last Hunger Games instalment, I may be visiting the theatre every other week.

MockingJay2 Spectre

Also, watch this preview for Finding Nemo 2: Finding Dory coming June 2016.

How was your week? I’d love to hear from you. Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Nov 6

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of Fashion Friday again this week but it’s been raining for almost two weeks straight which is unheard of here in the Prairies. Everywhere you go someone is commenting on how we’re having Vancouver weather, all rainy and gray. I’m still working out how I’m going to do Fashion Fridays in the winter as -30 isn’t exactly conducive to wearing cute outfits but I’ll figure something out.

So, a couple of fun things this week:

It seems to be some kind of toy sale conspiracy this weekend here in Winnipeg. Mastermind Toys is opening their first Winnipeg location on Kenaston and mailed out a 25% off coupon for any purchases made this weekend. The Disney Store is also having a 25% off sale this weekend. Print this coupon or show it to the cashier on your mobile device. Chapters is having 25% off Friends and Family event (instore only and it looks like you must print the coupon). Toys R Us has launched their Big Holiday Toy Book with many top Christmas toys discounted. Even Sears has offered a large selection of toys from 15 – 40% off. Retailers know that parents are starting to look at buying Christmas presents and are eager to get a piece of that action.

My niece came to Bring Your Kid to Work Day this week. Of course i wanted her to get the full experience of what it’s like to work, so we went to Starbucks at lunch and got our red cups.


Both Teavana and David’s Tea unveiled their holiday collections. I picked up Snow Day and Mulled Wine in cute 50g tins from David’s Tea.


And lots of Joy tea from Teavana in this beautiful limited edition holiday tin.


Inside Out was released this week. If you haven’t seen this latest Pixar movie, you should definitely put it on your list. While it was a little above my toddler’s head, she enjoyed it and there were so many jokes aimed at adults, I can guarantee you’ll chuckle at least a few times. I bought one copy for our house and one for another niece having a birthday soon.


What did you get up to this week? I’d love to hear about it. Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Oct 9

Hey folks. I love doing the Fashion Fridays lately but I thought I’d change it up this week with a Totally Random Friday post. I’ve been seeing some cool things for sale and with Christmas less than three months away, we should all start putting together our lists. Santa, start taking notes!

  1. Kate Spade bedding: The queen of bold colours in simple styles has added a new bedding collection. The colourful but classy pieces can be found on the website here.


2. All the 80s girls will remember Jem and the Holograms. With the live-action movie set to debut on Oct 23, Sephora has announced a makeup collection including an eyeshadow palette, a lipgloss set, a lipstick and a compact. This limited edition collection has no official release date yet but I’ll be sure to let you know. I definitely need this lipgloss set and the lipstick. Check out the rest of the sneak peek at Temptalia.


3. Black, black and black seem to be the top three choices of colours for winter jackets so I applaud Banana Republic for putting out this mint coloured one. While I don’t think it would be any match for Winnipeg winters, it would be nice to have a second coat for nice(r) winter days.


4. I did this post a few weeks ago about which wraps I was loving from the fall Jamberry catalogue. Well since then, they’ve added two glow-in-the-dark wraps to their Halloween collection. The one posted below is Glowing Ghouls.(Psst, keep your eyes peeled for some special Jamberry news being posted soon!)


5. Disney has released it’s Fairytale Designer Collection which is clearly aimed at adult Disney suckers like me. The elegant items include clothing, mugs, bags and four sets of limited edition dolls priced at $140CDN per set.


Check out all the dolls and their release dates on the Disney Store blog here.

Are you starting to think about your Christmas lists? Any plans for Thanksgiving? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Sept 4: Things we did in Winnipeg/Manitoba Round-up

Hard to believe it’s September already! Where did the time go? Instead of doing a regular TRF today, I thought I’d do a round up of all the activities we did around Winnipeg/Manitoba this summer. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice some of these are repeats.

Dirty Donkey:


Cally and I commuted on the Water Bus one day:

We spend a few days at South Beach hotel and Grand Beach:  

And a few days in Lac du Bonnet area: 

And spent time at Grandma Dee’s camper, both with and without cousins: 

Even though summer went by too fast, we have lots of great memories. How was your summer? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – July 24th

Hey folks! It’s been longer than I care to admit since I’ve posted a TRF, so let’s get right into it.

This summer has been lovely weather and we’ve been out enjoying it:

At the playground at the Fort Rouge Spray Pad


The Fort Rouge spray pad


At the Earl Grey Community Centre wading pool


At Auntie’s house


At the Corydon Community Centre splash pad


Did I mention they are free? For a full list of splash pads and wading pools, see the City of Winnipeg site here.

We also went out to Edmonton last weekend and visited Rebekah and her family.

I’ve been styling some new outfits:



Pants: H&M; white tank: Gap; and denim jacket with Birkenstocks (both so old I don’t remember where I bought them)


My new hat from Urban Waves in Osborne Village


Yellow dress: Out of the Blue; jacket: Hush in Osborne Village


And my wonderfully ugly Adidas jacket from Platos Closet

And ran in the 5K Foam Fest with my hubby and some friends:

I start summer vacation tomorrow and it can not come fast enough. Looking forward to two weeks of visiting family, playing in the pool in the front yard, going to the beach and generally just not going to work.

How’s your summer going? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – April 10th

Another Friday. Even though it was a short week, it still seemed to take awhile for Friday to get here. We seem to be having a bout of colds/flu running through our house which is making the days feel long but at least everyone is sleeping through the night.

HomeMovieLast weekend was Easter weekend and our cousins came to visit and we all went to see Home. It was hilarious. Borrow some kids or take your own, you must see this movie. Jim Parsons, from The Big Bang Theory is in it and is so funny. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez voice the other two main characters. I was a little nervous about taking four girls, ages 7, 5, 3 and 2.5 to sit in a theatre for 90 minutes but they were total stars. Although the littlest one couldn’t decide whether she wanted to sit with Grandma or Mom and changed laps a few times. The five year old rivalled me in how much popcorn she ate (and I love popcorn). I’m also totally loving the soundtrack. Check it out here.





We also went shopping and swimming and I only got one picture.

It doesn’t even have all four of them in it! Ugh

It’s definitely spring and I’ve definitely wrecked all of my $20 umbrellas. It was time to invest in a new umbrella and I knew exactly which one I wanted.

This is Shopping Weather from Cheeky Umbrella.


I bought these three Cheeky Umbrellas for my bridesmaids back in 2011 and they have all told me since what great umbrellas they are. I also loved how they fit in the pictures. The pink one says, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, other umbrellas are boring.” The yellow one says, “When does it start raining men?” and the blue one says, “I like umbrellas in my cocktails.” While none of them are still available on the website, she has many other cute ones, perfect for wishing the rain away.

Hubby and I went on a date night a couple of weeks ago (shocker, I know). We checked out the new sushi restaurant on Pembina, Kimchi Sushi South (in the old Sushi Train location). It was good. They had our favourite red wine by the glass (Apothic Red) and the service was relatively quick. My only complaint was that our rolls showed up before our appetizers. There was also a small problem with our bill but that was quickly taken care of.

Then, we went to Thermea. Wow… just wow. It is an outdoor hot springs spa. There is a hot pool, a warm pool, a cold pool, a sauna, two steam rooms and two relaxation rooms. You can also book a massage (in advance) and eat at the restaurant. It is definitely a high class establishment that Winnipeg has been missing and it is extremely popular since it opened just before Christmas. I highly recommend it for date night, girls’ night out or even a relaxing afternoon by yourself. They do not allow pictures or even cell phones out on the pool deck so despite my best attempts to get some covert ones, I only have one of the lobby to show you.

What’s new with you? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – March 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! I missed last week and I bought a bunch of stuff so I’m excited to talk about it.

First of all it was my niece’s birthday and we had a great time on Sunday afternoon at Great Big Adventure. For her birthday we bought her a matching raincoat, boots and umbrella from the Disney Store.

Grandma is a big fan of unbirthdays so the other three grandchildren got umbrellas too.



Aren’t they great?

I also picked up a new duvet cover at Quilts, Etc last week. It’s bright and summery and masculine enough that my husband doesn’t complain.

My new washing machine also came this week. Hubby and I have actually been fighting about who gets to do laundry. I’m sure everything in the house will be washed in the next couple of weeks while we try out all the features.

LG 4.6 cu.ft. Ultra Large Capacity Front Load Washer with 6Motion™ Technology

So, all in all, it’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks. What have you been up to? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Feb 6th

I’m not really big on Valentine’s Day for adults, but I love it for kids, all the cute Valentine’s Day cards and pink and red outfits with hearts. So cute! So anyways,  today I’m just going to show you a bunch of random pink stuff that I like.

1. Cinderella x MAC collab is being released in Spring 2015. I thought I was going to be able to get away with just buying the glosses below and maybe one lipstick but the more times I see it, the more I am crushing on the whole collection.



Pictures courtesy of Temptalia, read the full article here.

2. Blush is going to be big this season and no one is happier than me. Here’s a couple of blush pieces from Banana Republic that I totally need.

BRblushjacket BRblushscarf

Banana Republic Blush Moto Jacket and Blush Scarf

3. Kate Spade just launched her monthly collection this week. It’s got dozens of great pieces from purses to dresses and jewellery. This purse is one of my favourites.


Kate Spade On Purpose Sweetheart pink tote, $128 USD

Shop all the new arrivals here.

3. Valentine’s outfits for kids


American Apparel V-Day collection for kids


Gymboree Valentine’s Day collection

What are you looking forward to buying for Valentine’s Day? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – Jan 9th

Hi! Did you miss me? I missed you. Had a great Christmas but now on the other side, it really hits me how truly crazy the season is. Shopping, wrapping, preparing food, remembering other people you should have added to your list, shopping again, wrapping more, eating food, shopping again, even more wrapping and attending parties. So much fun but I’m glad it’s only once per year!

January is one of my favourite months since it’s my birthday month! I am definitely one of those people who celebrate their birthdays for about a week or so. This year, I am super excited because my husband and I are headed (with my SIL and her husband) to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!! I am so pumped! It’s supposedly to celebrate my husband’s birthday (he’s turning 35 and never been on a hot vacation) but we leave the day after my birthday so…. it’s really my our birthday present. Well, on to the randomness!

1. David’s Tea has launched a new line for the new year and I’m really excited to try a bunch of the flavours.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.21.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.14.09 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.14.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.14.29 PM

I’m all about black teas (except Earl Grey – bleh!) and fruity teas so this collection definitely speaks to me.

2. Courtney from La Belle Sirene shared on her Instagram that Target is having a spring collab with Lilly Pulitzer.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.31.42 PM

Lilly Pulitzer founded her namesake line in sunny Palm Beach, Fla., in 1959, introducing a new genre of fashion – American resort wear – that to this day celebrates bold individuality and encourages women everywhere to embrace colour and fearlessness in every area of their lives.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target features 15 lively and modern prints inspired by archival artwork across 250 items, including apparel, shoes and accessories for women and girls, home goods and cosmetics. The collection ranges in price from $2-$150, and will be available exclusively at all Target stores in the U.S. and Canada beginning April 19.

Looking forward to the sneak peeks of what I’m sure will be a very interesting collection!

3. Banana Republic has come out with a new line of denim for 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.45.17 PM

The four different fits come in a variety of washes and colours with the Skinny Ankle, Skinny and Legging styles in mid-rise and the Boyfriend style in low-rise. They range in price from $110 – 124. I’ll probably try these on next time I’m in BR but they don’t seem earth shattering enough for me to run-down-there-this-instance. I’ll let you know what I think.

4. And finally, I want to leave you with some pics from my Instagram (in case you don’t follow me) 







How was your Christmas? Happy Shopping!

Totally Random Friday – November 21st

Hey folks. Quick TRF this week. It’s been so busy at my “real” job and I feel terrible that I’ve been neglecting you all so much. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I’ll get some good blogging time in. On to things I’ve been enjoying the past couple of weeks:

1. Tea – My husband is on this huge tea kick and we are becoming familiar faces at Teavana and David’s Tea. A couple of weeks ago we purchased this Breville Variable Temperature kettle at Teavana and totally love it. It is so worth the extra money.



2. Holiday season is almost upon us and as such, the stores are starting to bring out their fancy dresses. Here are three I am totally loving:

Holiday dresses

1. Club Monaco Jayla lace dress ($289,
2. H&M sequin short top and skirt ($40 each,
3. Banana Republic Metallic Jacquard Fit-and-Flare Dress ($175, 

3. Lastly here’s some Instagram pics to catch up those of you who don’t yet have Instagram. Obviously, I love it and try to post daily. Follow me at 

Some super cute outdoor decorations from Target
Some super cute outdoor decorations from Target
Chips & dip, mojitos and manis for Girls’ Night In!


Joy tea and decorating my new Christmas tree from Canadian Tire


What did you buy this week? Getting ready for Christmas? Happy Shopping!