28 Days of Eyeshadow Roundup

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, there aren’t 28 different looks for 28 Days of Eyeshadow. And I want to apologize for this. It was partly because I got lazy and busy and partly because I developed a sensitivity to the mascara I was using and had to discontinue use of all eye products for awhile. That was only a week though, so the fact that there are two weeks of posts lacking can’t all be blamed on that. And to make it up to you, I will do a monthly review of drugstore mascaras – you heard me, one per month. I will post my January and February reviews right away and I will let you know which one I’ve picked out for March.

Here’a roundup of all the looks I did. Any favs? Happy Shopping!

20140214-150551.jpg 20140211-093911.jpg 20140209-223042.jpg 20140207-151604.jpg 20140206-115710.jpg 20140205-110729.jpg 20140204-110433.jpg 20140201-132716.jpg



PS. Looking at these looks has also made me vow to take better care of my eyebrows. 😉

2 thoughts on “28 Days of Eyeshadow Roundup

  1. Day 7 was my favorite – with MAC eyeshadow in Pink Freeze, Creme de Violet, and Shock-a-holic!

    Looking forward to your mascara reviews, I always get sucked in to buying new mascara because of the commercials even though they are always wearing falsies!!

    1. Ya, that should totally be outlawed! I promise those reviews will be along shortly. I just need to take some pics in daylight so hopefully this weekend.

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