28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 13

First of all, apologies. Today’s pictures aren’t the greatest. The cloud cover made for lousy lighting for pictures and I was forced to use artificial light. Nevermind that some day I will be organized to use something other than my iPhone to take photos for my blog….

So, today’s look is courtesy of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection from a couple of years ago. It included three beautiful pinks and one gorgeous burgundy. I topped off the look with some pink Fluidline that was part of a limited edition collection from last year.




MAC eyeshadows: Defiance, Paradise Island, Star Studded, and Real Drama

MAC Fluidline in Feminine Edge

As you may have noticed, I tend to buy makeup from MAC’s many limited edition collections and collaborations. My daily blush is from their Betty & Veronica collection. My favourite lipgloss has Maleficient on it from their Disney Villians collection. Wonder Woman, Barbie, Hello Kitty and several others have all had their kick at the “MAC collection” can. Which of these have you checked out… or bought something from? Or maybe, is your favourite item in the world and you wish they would bring back. (This is the way my mother feels about their Cruella De Vil nude lipstick). I’d love to hear about it. Happy Shopping!

3 thoughts on “28 Days of Eyeshadow – Day 13

  1. Love it! I’ve missed out on so many collections… I want sephora to bring back the little mermaid collection so I can get the stunning compact! (Might have to eBay it)

    I’m trying to convince Bobby that I need a real camera for my blog, so far it isn’t working haha.

    1. I got an eye-thing… not an infection but it was all red and sore. I’m blaming the mascara. Anyways, I gave it up. Thanks for reading and I hope one of my other series caught your eye.

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